Why Choose a Themed Trail?

Looking to generate new footfall and encourage your visitors to visit new areas of your shopping complex or town centre? A Themed Trail is the perfect solution. Themed Trails encourage longer dwell time, draw visitors into different areas they may be unfamiliar with, keep visitors engaged and entertained, and can generate social media buzz!

We provide a selection of high-quality 3D Themed Props, which can also provide fantastic photo opportunities! Props are situated throughout the area in key target areas increasing dwell time. Your guests can collect a print brochure with a map of the Themed Trail route, or clues indicating which Props need to be located and discovered! Each Prop contains a clue or detail for your visitor to record in the brochure. Props could spell out a word with individual letters completing an anagram. When all the Trail Props have been found, the brochure is posted complete. After that, a winner can be chosen!

We have a fantastic range of themes such as Around the World, Egyptian, and Under the Sea. We have Themed Trails available for seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, Spring, and Spooky! Our cool wintry themes include Gingerbread, Nutcracker, and Snowman. We also offer a roarsome Dinosaur Themed Trail! Our Themed Trails are customisable and incredibly versatile. You can be certain that we will create the perfect bespoke Themed Trail for you!

A Giant Easter Egg Hunt

Our popular Easter Themed Trail brings an Easter Egg Hunt to life in BIG way. This Giant Easter Egg Trail consists of ten multicoloured Easter Egg Props with a riddle to solve. This is an egg-citing way to increase dwell time and invite customers to explore a shopping centre complex! Our clients for 2022 chose to spell out the word ‘Easter’.

Dinosaurs in the City Centre

We were approached by Leeds BID to support their ‘Jurassic Trail’ in the city centre. Leeds BID wanted to position animatronic dinosaurs across the city, guiding visitors into areas they may not usually see and encouraging footfall. They wanted the Dinosaur Themed Trail to include exciting theatrical elements, with special effects and immersive jungle theming across the city! For the Themed Trail, we installed 14 large animatronic dinosaurs and provided multiple exciting dinosaur themed activities every Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer holidays. The Jurassic Trail was a resounding success! It increased footfall to the city centre throughout the summer holidays and had massive social media interaction!

Witchcraft and Wizardry

In October 2021, Big Foot Events were ‘up to no good’ at Grand Arcade shopping centre creating a spellbinding Witchcraft and Wizardry Themed Trail. We created a magical experience at Grand Arcade with Sorcery themed performers and installations! Alongside our fantastic performers, shoppers were invited to take part in a Themed Trail. The trail map could be completed in order to gain the title of ‘Master of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ and receive a free chocolate treat. Shoppers could collect themed stickers such as ‘Snowy Owl’, ‘Magic Wand’, ‘Potions’, ‘Broomstick’, and ‘Spell Book’ from corresponding colour-coded shops around Grand Arcade. This encouraged participants to visit different locations around the shopping centre and was a constructive collaboration with shops.