Elena Marina - Award Winning Aerial Performer

Elena Marina

Elena has performed all over the world, in front of thousands of people. Her reputation precedes her, and her skills know no limits. Elena trained in Sports Acrobatics, teaching her the essential disciplines; flexibility, strength and poise.



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    A gymnast from the age of 4, Elena Marina has been performing most of her life. Elena trained in Sports Acrobatics, teaching her the essential disciplines; flexibility, strength and poise.

    At the age of 9, stepping into the world of Circus was a natural progression, combining her lifetime of skills with this wonderful art form, and quickly took to becoming an aerial artiste. She continued her training at the Circus Maniacs Youth Circus for 7 years where she learnt not only the art of aerial but plate spinning, unicycle, jugging and much more…
    Elena now specialises in aerial silks, rope and hoop, varying in different styles from traditional to cirque to corporate.
    In the years that followed, Elena spent her time travelling the world to perform at corporate events and competing in famous international circus competitions; winning a medal at Les Pistes Aux Espoirs in 1998. Whilst performing around the world, Elena proved she was capable of more than just her athleticism by obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science from Nottingham Trent University.

    Elena trained in varying dance styles including Flamenco, Contemporary, and Ballet. She is also a trained classical pianist, giving her a unique understanding of rhythm and melody. Further to her physical and academic achievements, Elena is also a professional model; performing in fashion shows, catwalk, photographic and promotional corporate events around the UK.

    Credits include: BBC, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Vivid Diamonds, Nikki Beach (Thailand) and Nintendo.


    Any Other Name – Hoop Act
    A beautifully lyrical piece, which moves you to the very soul. Aerial hoop performed to Any Other Name by Thomas Newman, featured in the film American Beauty. Costume is a white lace. Suitable for weddings, valentines, white, heaven, snow themed events.

    Somnium – Hoop Act
    A very beautiful hoop act, performed to music from Cirque Du Soleil’s Journey of Man. Builds an electric atmosphere. A stunning combination of elegance, flexibility and poise. Perfect for any event, especially cirque, circus, themes, and weddings.

    Hot Fuss – Hoop Act
    A sexy burlesque style number performed on Hoop to Christina Aguilara’s Hot Fuss. Something to raise the temperature of any event…

    Black Swan – Hoop Act

    Aerial hoop with a difference! A gorgeous ballerina who is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan – Princess Odette slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile, the Black Swan.

    Tear Drop – Silks Act
    Modern silks performed to Massive Attack’s Tear Drop. Very popular with Urban styled events. Opens with a dramatic drop, plunging head first towards the floor… a real crowd pleaser!

    A Paris La Nuit – Silks Act
    A sassy little number performed to Pink Martini’s Sympatique. Very French silks act perfect for Moulin rouge, red, valentines, circus themed events. Also available as a duo synchronised silks
    – performed by Etoile Rouge as featured on the BBC.

    Moulin Rouge – Silks Act
    El Tango Del Roxanne – Can be performed on silks or hoop. Quite a sexy, strong number. Perfect for Moulin rouge, French, circus, show girl themed performances.

    Noire – Silks Act
    A sharp cell block tango act. Perfect for any Chicago, cabaret or black themed events.

    En Pointe – Trapeze Act
    Trapeze en pointe! Watch as this elegant ballerina floats through the air en pointe! Defying gravity itself Elena Marina twists and tumbles on trapeze whilst balancing on her toes.

    Ringmaster – Trapeze & Meet & Greet Act
    Available as a meet and greet performance this sassy ringmaster is the perfect way to set the scene for any event. Also available as champagne pourer.

    Underwater – Rope Act
    Beautiful aquatic themed costume. Can be incorporated into a silks or hoop act. Several options of music depending on the mood of the event.

    Feelin’ Good In A Man’s World – Pole Act
    A sensual, yet classy modern pole dance. Can be made more contemporary and balletic or more sexy depending on the style of the event.

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