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Apex Acrobatics

With a range of incredible acrobatic acts, Apex Acrobatics are highly trained aerial performers!


  • BIOG

    Apex Acrobatics is a group based in Bristol UK, specialising in acrobatics and aerial performances.
    Jamie studied Maths at Cambridge University. He started work in an investment bank but decided the City was not for him. As part of a dance group he had always enjoyed performing, so he left for a year’s training at Circomedia. Specialising in acrobatics and aerial skills, he has teamed with Lisa in both.

    Lisa competed in sports acrobatics at a high level until going to university to study Sports and Exercise Science. From here she decided that Sports acro was what she enjoyed most so went to Circomedia to specialise further in acrobatics and to learn aerial skills. She has since then enjoyed performing around the world as part of Apex Acrobatics.

    Jane started trampolining at school which led to an interest in circus acrobatics and juggling. On the foundation course at Circomedia, she focused on Acrobalance and Trapeze. She completed a Sports Science degree and kept the acrobatics and juggling as a hobby. Since joining Apex the acrobatic hobby has become serious.

    As a group they have performed at the Ashes Test Match at Lord’s Cricket Ground, Glastonbury Festival, and the Lord Mayor’s Parade in London. They represented BP at the Istanbul Auto Expo, and have also appeared in TV adverts and corporate videos. With Above and Beyond they headlined the Coca-Cola Active Festival in Israel

    Individually, they have performed around the world, appearing most recently in Dubai, Rome, Krakow and Hong Kong.

    Duo Acrobatics
    Partner acrobatics with two highly trained acrobats, with a unique twist of the female lifting the male. Book this act for a highly skilled visual spectacle. Breathtaking performances with dynamic lifts and poetic movement as the female lifts her male partner above her head with elegance and ease.Doubles Trapeze
    Doubles trapeze is always a favourite with clients where the artists perform daring drops, catches and balances high in the air, guaranteed to amaze.

    A highly skilled, extremely fast and exciting doubles trapeze act.
    Loaded with energy and daring drops it is the perfect climax to any event.

    A highly skilled, extremely fast and exciting doubles trapeze act. Loaded with energy and daring, drops, it is the perfect climax to any event.

    Trio Acrobatics
    Three person acrobatics allows for high dynamic throws, and precarious balances, never knowing who is going to go where next. The performers playfully explore the space around them including high throws into the air and balances that look like they defy gravity.

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