Delia Du Sol - Contortionist & Acrobat

Delia Du Sol

Delia Du Sol is one of Britain's top contortionists, receiving national television and press coverage throughout the UK and abroad. Now performing worldwide in theatres, television & corporate events with all her acts, which combine balance, strength & extreme flexibility.



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    Delia was born into show business. Her parents performing an acrobatic speciality act (known as Duo Du Sol), it was inevitable she took up the profession.

    Delia trained as a classical dancer and contortionist. She then went on to also train at aerial hoop and silk.

    Now performing worldwide in theatres, television & corporate events with all her acts, which combine balance, strength & extreme flexibility.

    The contortion act concludes by squeezing into a 21″X 17″X 17″ perspex cube.

    Delia has received national press coverage for the cube act and been a guest on television shows such as Graham Norton and Richard and Judy.


    Contortion Solo Act
    Delia’s contortion act is performed on a high table, combining balance and extreme flexibility. The act concludes by squeezing into a cube, measuring just 22″ H x 17″ W x 17″ D.

    Aerial Solo Acts
    Performing aerial silk and hoop and mixing strength nd flexibility. Like the contortion act, they all are a duration of 5-8 minutes and can be adapted to any theme required

    Delia Du Sol performs the act “Jewel” with her cousin “Daniela Zocchi”.
    They have been training and working together since the ages of five and six.
    This act has been performed worldwide at many corporate events and received television and press coverage throughout their career. This act can also be adapted to suit any theme, and is performed on a 6X8 FT table with a duration of six minutes.

    Suspended Animation
    This aerial and ground trio act is of great strength, character agility and variation.
    The act comprises of acrobatic adagio and dance floor based skills before ascending onto the silks and hoops. This is a self-contained show or it can be used as a cabaret piece, (either aerial or purely acrobatic adagio).
    It can be tailored to a client’s needs and the length and type of show required. The music and theme are also adaptable. A regular theme being the act performing to the music “Chicago”, which is ideal for 1920’s themed events. The act is approximately eight minutes long. This act can also be worked as hang-about. e.g. For decoration as guests arrive.

    Arctic Wonderland
    Arctic Wonderland provides a variety of entertainment for the whole evening.
    Meet and greet Ice King and Queen stilt artists and harness creatures flying in the air above the event while the guests take their seats. They start the evening with an aerial hoop icicle trio then a comedy yet thrilling penguin trapeze and juggling duo act. The grand finale is a beautiful aerial silks act performed by five artists as polar bears. This is a really magical end to the show with contorting moves in the air, finishing with a big drop on the silks with snow falling from the sky. Show duration: Arctic Wonderland can be performed with the acts intermittent though out the event or as a full 40 minute show. Additional winter themed acts can be provided if required.

    The Madness of Alice
    A weird and wonderful show themed around the latest film of Alice in Wonderland. The
    Cheshire Cat sits above the guests in a hoop which is set as though resting in a tree
    while performing agile moves with a huge grin. Alice performs a contortion act finishing by drinking the ‘Drink Me’ bottle resulting in squeezing inside the small 17’’ x 17’’ x 21’’ house. The Queen of hearts is performed by an actress as a walkabout by meeting and greeting guests. The Mad Hatter performs an amazing juggling act with plates and tea cups in a set of the Mad Hatters tea party. The White rabbit can work two types of acts – performing bouncy stilts or performing on foot then climbing into the air to perform an aerial act on white silks. Additional characters: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee performing a comedy acrobatic/ acrobalance act using a mini trampette. The Dormouse in a giant tea cup The March Hare as meet and greet. This theme can be used as a full 30 minute show or as individual themed acts and walkabout.

    Contortion Duo: Performed by sisters Delia & Yvette Du Sol, they combine acrobalance and extreme
    flexibility into their six minute performance. Performed to dramatic music and finishing their act by both squeezing into a small Perspex box. Aerial double hoop: Performed by sisters Delia & Yvette Du Sol, they perform a five minutes piece with aerial tricks and holds on this fast spinning hoop.
    Aerial silks Duo: Performed by sisters Delia & Yvette Du Sol, they combine both strength and flexibility into this six minute aerial piece. Performed with fast drops, contortion tricks in the air and graceful movement. This act works wonders for all type of events from openings of corporate dinners
    to large style arena events. Their style can be adapted to suit most themes and events with music and costume changes.

    Cirque du Amazon
    Using the vibrant colours inspired from the Amazon jungle, this show incorporates fast paced high- energy performers and upbeat music with sections of calm classical vibes.
    Beautifully skilled high flying acts from trapeze, silks and hoops, alongside amazing ground acts of contortion, hula hoops, foot archery with fire and world champion pole sports.

    Broken Circus
    Enter a world of dark vintage circus acts. Available for meet and greets before the show, these sexy circus performers will amaze the audience with their extreme contortion, hula hoops, aerial silks, hula hoops and a world class pole act.

    Mad Hatter’s Circus
    The Mad Hatters Circus is a family friendly show based on the story of Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter performs multi skills of juggling with glow balls & clubs, fire, diablo and bed of nails. He introduces the Characters and auditions their amazing circus skills for a place at his tea party. Characters include ‘The Tweedles’ who perform comedy slap stick combined with breathtaking break dance and acrobatics. ‘Alice’ performs extreme contortion on the tea party table and gets persuaded to drink the ‘Drink me’ potion which makes her climb into a tiny 17’x 17′ x 20′ dolls house. ‘The Queen of Swords’, performs a series of dramatic martial arts moves involving weapons such as swords, staff and nun chucks. The show is highly entertaining and includes audience participation, theatrical comedy and a multitude of circus skills.

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