Andy Nolan stars as Ronan Keating

A Rollercoaster Tribute

Andy Nolan is the most convincing Lookalike & Soundalike Ronan Keating Tribute, delighting audiences throughout the UK!

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    Andy Nolan is the most convincing Lookalike & Soundalike Ronan Keating Tribute Act, delighting audiences throughout the UK!

    From Scotland to Switzerland, from Turkey to the Canaries – Andy Nolan has entertained Boyzone fans everywhere with his tribute to Ronan Keating…

    The rise of Boyzone was phenomenal. Under the guidance of manager Louis Walsh, the five Dublin lads quickly established themselves as the UK’s no.1 boy band. However, it was front-man Ronan Keating who always stole the show, eventually going on to carve out his own solo career and become one of Europe’s biggest stars.

    Andy has been singing since childhood and for many years had harboured an ambition to sing professionally, finally going full-time in 1999. He has since put his Irish roots to good use – developing his act and establishing a reputation as one of the UK’s very best Ronan Keating Tribute Act- in what has become a very crowded and competitive market.

    The routine of showcasing all over the U.K. has reaped its own rewards, earning Andy the recognition of the biggest entertainment agencies in the business. This has taken him to the point where he is now in demand all over the U.K. and beyond. Delighting audiences with the very latest songs – always spot-on vocally (they just love that Dublin accent!) always looking the part and of course, always re-booked. Deadly!

    And so, with the demise of Boyzone the story continues to evolve. The music may have changed somewhat, but the new songs take this show in a new direction and to another level.

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    “…Andy Nolan should do very well with his tribute to Ronan Keating. THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE MOST CONVINCING LOOKALIKES AND SOUNDALIKES ON THE MARKET…”
    Mark Ritchie – “The Stage”

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