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    Hire Jeni Jaye’s Christina Aguilera Tribute!

    Jeni began as a tribute to Christina, or Xtina as she was known as back in the early 2000s, touring the UK and visiting places such as Dubai and much of Europe.

    In 2005, MTV approached Jeni and she became part of a television show called ‘Tribs’. She was also asked to appear as a cameo lookalike for the MTV awards advertisement.

    In 2006, Jeni toured the UK for promoting the launch of Christina Aguilera’s perfume. This was alongside several other corporate events where she spent a great deal of her shows in the centre of a boxing ring, even in front of boxer Nigel Benn singing ‘Dirrty’.

    In 2007, she appeared live in front of millions of viewers on German Saturday prime time TV in the show ‘Liebe Deinen Star’ as one of just 10 contestants chosen internationally.

    Jeni is an incredible lookalike to Christina Aguilera and once performed backstage at Channel 4’s T4 On The Beach alongside a Justin Timberlake tribute.

    Christina has changed a lot since the chap-wearing days and Jeni finds herself doing lots of quick costume changes throughout her show to recreate all the different eras.

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