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Tribute To The Stylistics

Simply stunning vocal harmony group Sing Baby Sing present an outstanding tribute to the 'Sound of Philadelphia' that is The Stylistics.

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    Simply stunning vocal harmony group ‘Sing Baby Sing’ presents an outstanding tribute to the ‘Sound of Philadelphia’ that is The Stylistics.

    Harmony vocal groups such as the ‘Stylistics’, have always been a powerful medium for putting stories across to the public, via great vocal structures, tight harmonies, strong songs, and searching melodies, that are able to get the listeners attention and take them out of their world and transport them into another music plane.

    Sing Baby Sing” is one such group, trained in the United Kingdom throughout the ’70s and ’80s and influenced by all the Early UK Soul, Northern Soul, Jazz Funk & UK R&B music of the time. This is the ultimate Stylistics Tribute act! Sing Baby Sing perform the most accurate tribute to The Stylistics. Their show recreates the slick soulful harmonies that are so unique to the popular ’70s vocal group. They share a wealth of talent with experience gained in both the USA and UK that can be clearly seen in the performance. Audiences remark that they can feel the happiness from the stage, they interact with the audience and create a real professional, fun and party type atmosphere for any event.

    “Sing Baby Sing” have formed a tribute to the ‘Stylistics’ which is dedicated to the ‘Sound of Philadelphia’ productions, including some of those great songs and arrangements by legendary writer/arrangers Thom Bell & Linda Creed that inspired the world to “Sing Baby Sing”,…


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