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Michael Clews as Neil Diamond

Michael Clews is a leading tribute to Neil Diamond!

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    Michael Clews is a leading tribute to Neil Diamond!

    Michael Clews has been performing for most of his adult life, and has a wealth of experience in entertaining crowds all over the world! From Birmingham to Bahrain, Mike’s heart and soul is dedicated to his performances.

    Michael Clews started his tribute journey around 10 years ago. He has always been a Neil Diamond fan and his natural vocal sounds much like Neil Diamond. Naturally, Mike made the decision to try his hand at being a Neil Diamond tribute and he hasn’t looked back since!

    He has performed in every situation imaginable and isn’t afraid to connect with his audience making him one of the most respected performers in the industry! He wows audiences everywhere he goes with his outstanding performances and leaves a lasting memory of a good time and always gets rebooked!

    Michael also performs incredible tributes to Michael Bublé and Elvis.

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