Lady Gaga Tribute

Emma Wright as Gaga

Emma Wright as Lady Gaga, the only Lady Gaga tribute seen on ITV’s Harry Hill’s Stars in Their Eyes in 2015, seen by millions of viewers.

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    Emma Wright as Lady Gaga made her way to the final of Stars in their Eyes with her eerie likeness to Gaga’s vocals and ways. Performing ‘Edge of Glory’ made her winner of episode 3 and she went straight to the final to perform ‘Born This Way’.

    Emma still has the outfits from the show which were made by industry professionals. No ballads here, this is the Gaga tribute you need if you want your guests dancing the night away, including massive hits:

    • Poker Face,
    • Bad Romance and
    • Just Dance,
    • Applause, and
    • Venus.

    From the spot-on New York accent to the routines from her videos, this is a Gaga show you need at your event!

    Comes with full PA and outfit changes.

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