Celebrate the Music of Legends and Icons Who Are No Longer With Us!

Deadringer For A Dead Singer

Hold a Resurrection Festival Themed Night, called Deadringer for a Dead Singer, and celebrate the Legends and Icons who have since passed away! Make it a celebration of your favourite music with themed decor and props, plus incredible entertainment.


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    Hold a Resurrection Festival Themed Night, called Deadringer for a Dead Singer, and celebrate the Legends and Icons who have since passed away!

    We all have songs that remind us of a certain time in our lives or take us back to a happy memory. Many of those songs were written and sang by incredible singers that have since passed away. The great thing about music is that if and when a singer or musician sadly dies, the music doesn’t die with them. Fortunately, music lives on to honour the star’s memory! We all know that feeling when a favourite song plays on the radio and we can’t help but get up and dance or singalong. This is why a resurrection event is the perfect party theme. Bring back to life all those favourite classic hits and honour music legends who are no longer with us.

    Choose your favourite departed singers and bring their soul, honour and memory back to life! You may not be able to hire the original singer for your event but you can hire the next best thing – a tribute act! We have some of the best award-winning tribute acts in the UK for hire. You can choose from Amy Winehouse, George Michael, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Prince, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Go all out and make your event extra special and get your guests to dress up as their favourite passed singer. Mix music past and present by booking some famous celebrities to help honour fellow musicians. Add a WOW factor to your event and make it a celebration to remember with fantastic champagne table walkabout acts, stilt walkers and acrobat performers.

    Venue Decor
    It may be called a ‘resurrection festival’ but that doesn’t mean the venue won’t be alive with colour and fun! Liven up your venue with themed props and decor. You can’t throw a party honouring the music of stars who have passed without live performances. So, deck out your venue with impressive lighting and sound systems and hire a stage and of course a dance floor. Add beautifully decorated drapes, tablecloths and chair covers to add sophistication to your event. You can also hire one of our backdrops and transform your venue into the Vegas strip, Hollywood or back in time to the 1920s. It’s a party honouring stars so make it a star-quality event with a red carpet walkway, hired paparazzi and a VIP booth!

    Live Music
    Dance the night away to classic hits from some of the best loved and well-known music stars who have now sadly passed away. Whether you have booked an Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong or George Michael tribute act, you will be dancing the night away to classic, iconic and legendary music hits. Hire a live party band alongside a famous tribute act to add more of a variety of music to your event. Your Deadringer For A Dead Singer event will be a showstopper!


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