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Proving that no one has to grow old gracefully, the Outrageous Oldies are uninhibited and unruly, making the most out of every event they attend.

Not content to simply sit and enjoy their surroundings, they will often break in to dance, make new friends with passers-by and even have the odd fight with each other.

2 Old Men will to enter the room, clinging to the banister and struggling to walk and people will start to point and look. Before you know it, these 2 Old Men will be interacting with your guests, moving things around, being cheeky with the ladies and causing mayhem in a restaurant or nightclub. 

These charming OAPs become full time ravers the moment they step in to a nightclub or party, showing the younger folk a thing or two about how to have a good time! They can Breakdance, perform acrobatics, climb over chairs and tables... just watch out if they get too warm as they might start to lose their clothing! 

A tremendous ice-breaker for any event where you want to hire unique interactive entertainment. Superb Street Entertainment for special events, parades and festivals, and Walkabout entertainment for all occasions.  

Set the Outrageous Oldies loose on your unsuspecting guests, and with their unexpected antics they will create hilarious interaction that people will be talking about for years! 
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