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Martin Jordan has performed for the past 9 years and has appeared frequently on TV programs for CH4, SKY, BBC and ITV. Including Channel 4’s show ‘Lookalikes’, as well as being a part of Britain’s Got Talent lookalike act `The Chippendoubles’, Simon Cowell described it as “One of my favourite acts”.

With such a remarkable appearance, and much effort on his part to perfect the look, voice and mannerisms, as well as being a fantastic public speaker. Martin’s lookalike act is as flawless as Ramsay’s restaurant!

Gordon Ramsay has Martin as his body double in ten sets of television adverts, not surprisingly Gordon was shocked when Martin showed up on his live television show, leaving him speechless!

Martin is the best doppelganger going, the Gordon Ramsay special! Giving his impeccable performance worldwide to any event or promotions, from PR stunts to festivals.
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