The thought of the Easter bank holiday always fills us with joy.  It’s not just about the four days off work – although we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a big part of it – it always reminds us of spring and that winter is finally over.  After the blog post we wrote about pancake day and Mardi Gras we understand why it feels that way; because it is spring.

There’s a very good reason why adverts for most things Easter-related are full of images of daffodils and baby chicks and Easter bunnies carrying baskets full of chocolate eggs, it’s because spring has sprung and we are delighted about that!
It’s not just nature and wildlife that seems to come to life in the spring; people do too!  You can almost see folks stretching and yawning as they step into the spring sunshine – bit of artistic licence there, it’s not always sunny at Easter, but you get the drift.

Being closely involved with some of the best holiday parks and hotels in the UK we notice that many people use Easter as their official ‘coming out of hibernation’ date. Accommodation bookings rise as they treat themselves to some time away and our acts are always in big demand over the Easter break.

The holiday is now upon us, so time to shake off the long winter and welcome the spring back into your life. Just in case you’re stuck for ideas we’ve put together our top 4 suggestions to help you celebrate all things Easter.

Alice In Wonderland Themed Event

If you want a world full of rabbits and flowers and general madness to help you get over your winter slump, then there’s nothing better than a bit of Alice In Wonderland.  Our spectacular themed events will transport you, and your guests into a whole new world of make-believe, and where better to organise an egg hunt on Easter Sunday than through Alice’s looking glass?

Live Music to wake you up

If we carry on with the “Easter being the end of hibernation” theme, then going to a gig during the bank holiday must be like the best radio alarm clock ever. Even science says that going to a live music event is good for you, it helps to reduce stress and produces happy hormones, and who couldn’t do with a few more of those knocking around?
We have some incredibly talented musicians on our books, so if live music is your thing, then we’re the team for you.

Inflatable fun for hire – for kids of all ages.

BFE have a huge range of inflatable games and activities for hire, and they’re not just for kids.  Burn off your excess energy with Air-Bot Transformers Battle Arena, inflatable kangaroo boxing or body zorbing, or take part in a very unusual game of footie with the human football table
This type of activity will give your muscles a workout, and that will include your belly laugh ones, and it’s a great way to work off the extra calories you’ll have when you’ve consumed your own body weight in Easter eggs.

Dinosaur Anyone?

How about a totally unique addition to your Easter egg hunt this year?  Mr T Rex our friendly dinosaur will happily gambol through the daffodils holding a basket full of fluffy chicks; he might even bring one of his dinosaur babies with him.
(Word of warning about hiring T-Rex, he tends to get a bit frisky around this time of year so if you have any lady dinosaurs in the vicinity it’s probably best to hide them from him, we’ve already got four babies to look after.)
We can also bring a Giant Dinosaur Egg which is a fabulous Easter Photo Opportunity!

We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and if you have any queries about hiring these or any of our talented entertainers then pick up the phone and call us on 01253 351100.