Embark on a Prehistoric Journey with I Saw A Dinosaur Show

Embark on a journey back in time with I Saw A Dinosaur! An interactive Dinosaur experience that promises thrills, excitement, and the chance to get up close and personal with our animatronic prehistoric beasts! This prehistoric lineup promises an hour of interactive and awe-inspiring entertainment! I Saw A Dinosaur is more than just a dinosaur show; it’s an interactive journey into the world of dinosaurs, combining education with exhilaration. With a one-hour format, plus group photos and meet-and-greet sessions, this experience is perfect for families, dinosaur enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a roaring good time. Audiences will not want to miss out on the chance to become a certified Ranger and make memories that will last a lifetime. Step into the past and witness the magic of I Saw A Dinosaur – where the dinosaurs come to life!

How it Begins…

I Saw a Dinosaur recounts an expedition deep into the jungles of South America, where the very first Dinosaur Egg was discovered.  Rangers emerge holding adorable baby dinosaurs, straight from the Jurassic nursery, setting the stage for an immersive and educational experience.

Ranger Training

Then, enter Ranger Danger, the wild man leading the charge in a high-energy, interactive training session for the audience. They can learn the art of controlling Dinosaurs, preparing them for an encounter! Each aspiring Ranger undergoes a final exam and earns a qualification sticker as a badge of honour.

Richie the Raptor Encounter

Excitement peaks as the audience play games with Richie the Raptor. Our Raptor’s favourite game? Hide and seek! The audience can capture the moment with photos and create lasting memories.

A T-Rex Breakout!

After mastering Ranger Training and avoiding being eaten (so far!), audiences experience the grand finale featuring a sudden appearance by our T-Rex. A choreographed action sequence unfolds, showcasing breathtaking stunts and our colossal T Rex. The show concludes with meet and greet opportunities, allowing audience members to snap photos and share the stage with the mighty Jurassic giant.

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