The Best Sports Themed Entertainment for your Next Event

Discover our action-packed Sports themed entertainment that caters to all your favourite sporting events! Whether you’re a football World Cup fanatic, an Olympics enthusiast, a golf championships follower, or a horse racing afficionado. Big Foot Events have an array of exciting sports themed entertainment ideas for you.

Your guests are guaranteed to stay active and engaged with our sports themed activities! Whether you’re planning an outdoor fundraiser or a family fun day, we have a diverse range of ideas for any event. Organising a corporate team-building day? Foster camaraderie, boost morale, and unleash your colleagues’ competitive side with our fun-filled activities. Let the games begin!

Anyone for Tennis?

Experience Wimbledon at your event with Anyone For Tennis. This side-splitting Street Theatre miniature tennis match guarantees laughs. Prepare to be entertained as we set up a pristine court, complete with dead posh umpire and a hilariously highly-strung tennis player eager to challenge your guests. This interactive act can even roam your event as a mobile match! Participants take on roles such as ball boys and girls, physiotherapists, and even royalty.

If some of your guests would prefer to indulge in the classic Wimbledon tradition of a bowl of strawberries and cream instead of holding a racquet, fear not! Our Food Carts are here to serve this delicious delicacy, adding a touch of sophistication to the festivities. So, whether your guests want to hit the court or simply indulge in delectable treats, our tennis themed offerings promise an unforgettable sports themed activity for all.

Classic Sports Day Games

Relive the excitement of a school sports day with our classic Sports Day Games! Bring out your guests’ inner child with games such as an egg-and-spoon race, sack race, tug-of-war, and more. Sports Day Games are perfect for creating friendly competition between your guests and a unique team-building activity for a corporate event.

To add an extra touch of nostalgia, we proudly introduce our PE Teachers, the dynamic duo of Mr Stretch and Mr Armstrong. With boundless enthusiasm, they embark on a mission to keep the nation fit, armed only with a roving musical pommel horse and PE kits rescued from the lost and found locker. Prepare to be motivated, amused, and energised; remember, it’s not about the taking part, it’s the winning that counts!

Let the friendly rivalry commence as we bring back the fond memories of school sports days while creating new ones that will be cherished for years to come.

Interactive Inflatables

Bounce into the excitement of our sports themed entertainment with our thrilling range of Interactive Inflatables! From Beach Volleyball to It’s a Wipeout, our inflatables guarantee endless fun for your guests. Get ready to witness their adventurous spirit as they take on our inflatable Assault Course, designed with a series of exhilarating challenges, walls to climb through, and head-to-head obstacles to conquer. To up the ante, why not consider adding a foam machine to the mix? The foam-filled Assault Course will take the excitement to a whole new level, providing an extra layer of challenge and amusement for all participants.

Mini Olympic Games

Sports don’t have to be serious! We’ve got the perfect sports themed entertainment to keep both kids and kids-at-heart thoroughly entertained with mini versions of Olympic sports.

Our Mini Golf Course gets everyone up and putting! Equipped with putters, balls, scoreboards, and pencils, this mini golf experience will bring out the competitive spirit of your guests. For a unique take on a 5-a-side match, look no further than Zorb Football! Participants climb into their inflatable zorbs and attempt to play football while trying to stay upright inside the zorb. For the football fanatics, hire our Penalty Shootout or Football Darts for an extra level of competition! Our Space Hopper Grand Prix is a hilarious way to get your guests moving as they race around an arena on their own space hoppers!

And that’s not all – even your four-legged friends can join in on the fun! Our Dog Agility classes and fun competitions ensure that everyone, including your furry companions, can partake in the action-packed entertainment.

Get ready to experience the lighter side of sports with our mini sports themed entertainment offerings.