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  1. Lancashire’s favourite funny-man Steve Royle juggles his way through to the Britain’s Got Talent Final!

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    One of Lancashire’s most popular comedians is the first contestant to make it through to the Final of Britain’s Got Talent 2020! Chorley-born Steve Royle, a professional comedian, writer, actor, radio host and all-round entertainer gave a royal performance on Saturday, as he left everyone tuned into the show in stiches of laughter, and also impressed all four Britain’s Got Talent celebrity judges with his hilarious routine and impressive juggling skills. We are incredibly proud to say that Steve Royle was the Judges’ choice to go through to the Final!

    Steve is no stranger to success and is a consummate professional in the world of light entertainment. In 2015 he performed 16 consecutive nights at Manchester Arena as part of the ‘Pheonix Nights’ Live shows that raised more than £5 million for Comic Relief. Speaking of Phoenix Nights, you may remember Steve from his involvement in the hit TV series ‘Car Share’ and ‘Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere’ – that’s right, Steve is lifelong friends with fellow Lancashire Born comedian, Peter Kay!

    As well as Peter Kay, Steve has also worked alongside fellow celebrity comedians Roy Walker, Dave Spikey and Steve Coogan. His ability to combine humour, improv and acting has made him well-known in the entertainment industry and has gained him a loyal fan base.

    If you’re from Lancashire or the surrounding areas then you probably know Steve as ‘Mad Edgar’ otherwise known as the Court Jester of Camelot where he performed his signature character at Camelot Theme Park in Charnock Richard, Chorley, for over 12 years. His character performed more than 20,000 juggling shows to children and parents who visited the theme park from all over the world!

    Following on from his ‘Mad Edgar’ days, Steve kept his passion for acting and went on to complete 17 consecutive Pantomime shows at The Grand Theatre in Blackpool, he now has over 22 completed Panto shows under his belt over his extensive career. In fact, his loyalty to the theatre resulted in him being made an honorary member of ‘The Friends Of The Grand Theatre’ in 2016 for his honourable service to the theatre. Steve has become a staple in the art of comedy acting and has made several impressive television debuts over his career including programmes such as ‘The Rob Brydon Show’, ‘A Question Of Sport’, ‘Mastermind’ and he has even appeared in over 150 episodes of ‘The Price Is Right’. Oh, and did we mention that he was also the first comic, ever, to act as a ‘warm up’ for The Royal Variety Show featuring Take That, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow and Meatloaf?

    Although he has had a fantastic and diverse career in the entertainment industry, his first love, however, is stand-up comedy, and it’s this career path that has seen him perform all over the world: Cruises in the Mediterranean, Norwegian Fjords and the Caribbean, hotel and comedy clubs in Hong Kong, Dubai, Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, Japan and not forgetting the UK!

    As well as his stand-up, Steve is a co-founder of the ‘Slaughterhouse-Live’ character comedy group and also presents an award-winning Friday afternoon show on BBC Radio Lancashire.

    With his fabulously impressive and diverse career in the entertainment industry, his passion and love for his craft and of course the loyal fan base he has gained over his career, it’s no wonder that he was named ‘Entertainer of the Year’ at the county’s Red Rose Awards!

    We guarantee that after his Britain’s Got Talent performances, he will be THE comedian to hire for events!

    We are extremely proud and honoured to act as agents for Steve Royle and recommend you book him now before all his 2021 dates are gone due to popular demand!

    Don’t forget to VOTE FOR STEVE in the Britain’s Got Talent 2020 Final – we believe this Royle should meet the Royals at the Royal Variety Performance!

  2. The First ‘Social Distanced’ Summer Entertainment Workshop at Doncaster Lakeside Shopping Centre was a huge hit!

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    The Brief

    We had the pleasure of creating a Summer Event and Entertainment programme for Doncaster Lakeside throughout August 2020. This popular and well-established Shopping Centre sought out our help in creating amazing, interactive and above all fun entertainment options that visitors could enjoy whilst shopping. In particular, the centre wanted children to have the opportunity to have fun and interact with each other in a safe environment whilst maintaining social distancing!

    As we all know, the coronavirus has caused a storm throughout the world and ‘social distancing’ has quickly become the new norm. Because of this, Doncaster Shopping Centre wanted to help prepare children for when they go back to school and have to interact with each other at a distance, in order to remain safe. Their aim was to prove that you can still have fun whilst being 2 metres apart!

    The first event on our entertainment programme was to bring The Trolls to Doncaster Lakeside! Due to the new Trolls World Tour movie that was released earlier this year, we knew this theme would be a huge hit with children and child-like adults alike.

    The Challenges

    The main challenge we had when putting together this Trolls themed weekend was creating entertainment that was not only fun, interactive, and unique but also safe and honoured the ‘social distancing’ guidelines. We constantly asked ourselves ‘what can we do to engage and capture visitors’ attention and attract them to the shopping centre all whilst staying safe and maintaining 2 metres apart?’ It was a hard concept to execute, however here at Big Foot Events, we are well known for our ability to adapt and improvise and adhere to even the most challenging of briefs.  With this in mind,  we knew that we would be able to overcome any issues and put together an amazing Trolls themed weekend that not only brought a lot of attention to the shopping centre, but also had children amazed, engaged and entertained (social distanced of course)!

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any safety issues and abide by the current ‘social distancing’ law, we restricted The Trolls Meet and Greet to a limited number of people per session. This way, we could make sure visitors remained 2 metres apart and that each visitor got the opportunity to safely interact with our fantastic Trolls! This first event, that took place on Saturday 1st August 2020, was simple yet crowd-pleasing. It captured visitors’ attention and kept them in the shopping centre, as well as gave children their first experience interacting with other children in a small space, whilst social distancing. We all know children find it hard not to touch each other when playing. We ensured that the event would be a quick and easy set-up and did not need a large team of people to set up the event – therefore keeping social interaction to a minimum. We ensured all staff were coronavirus free and kept sanitised at all times.

    The Results

    We were extremely thankful that we had the weather on our side as it was glorious sunshine on the day of the Trolls Workshop weekend! Our interactive, cheeky Trolls truly glistened and shined in the sunlight and their bright colours caught the attention of visitors as soon as they entered the Shopping Centre. We knew children – and Troll enthusiasts – would still be on a high from the newly released Trolls movie, and this was confirmed when their faces lit up with excitement when they saw the Trolls mischievously walking around the Shopping Centre.

    As you can see from the picture below, our Trolls were extremely eye-catching, and immediately lit up the centre with their happy-as-Larry personalities. It was fantastic to see little children, as well as adults, wanting to take a picture with the beautiful beasts. We had a giant marquee behind the trolls, as well as friendly staff in order to maintain crowd control and keep visitors at a safe distance from each other. It was fascinating to see children excitedly communicate with each other through looks, hand gestures and of course through talking whilst maintaining social distancing! In fact, they were so captivated by the Trolls that they didn’t even seem to mind that they had to stay 2 metres apart from each other.


    Overall, the first ‘socially distanced’ Summer entertainment workshop at Doncaster Lakeside was a huge success and we had people instantly signing up to the next workshop taking place the following week.

    We cannot wait to see how our ‘Greatest Showman’ themed weekend turns out! Keep updated on our website and Social Media platforms for more ‘Socially Distanced’ entertainment!

  3. The Time To Plan Your Next Event Is Now!

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    Can we all agree that this disastrous Coronavirus and subsequent lockdown has severely impacted our economy? With companies and organisations being thrown into uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the last few months have been incredibly tough for everyone.

    We know that this pandemic has been difficult on the events industry specifically due to the lockdown measures in place – resulting in all public and private functions being postponed or cancelled. Thankfully, it seems that we are slowly conquering this deadly virus and the lockdown measures are beginning to ease. Businesses are starting to re-open their doors and welcome customers back for the first time in over three months.

    However, many businesses are still on hold at the moment and events are still cancelled or postponed until lockdown is completely lifted. Once these restrictions are over and we all get back to some semblance of normality, or a ‘new normal’, it will be time to play catch up!

    Here at Big Foot Events, we have been working closely with our clients to reschedule events that could not go-ahead during lockdown. This has resulted in a lot of events being fitted alongside events that have already been planned for later in the year. We are ready for exciting times ahead as the Big Foot Team help businesses to return with a bang!

    With so many events being rescheduled and planned ahead of time, we can guarantee that the best venue availability, alongside the greatest entertainment – which is always at the centre of any event, will soon be tricky to find due to being fully booked for the year. Which is why putting plans in place now will put you ahead of the rest! Whilst we don’t know for certain when this lockdown will fully lift and we can throw large scale events – or even events with more than ten people, if you don’t plan ahead now you could have your hands full when your business is back in full swing.

    The time to start planning your events is now! It gives you a high chance of securing your chosen venue and live entertainment before other competitors snatch them up! With help from Big Foot Events, you can easily, simply and quickly plan your event and still have plenty of time to get back to the day to day tasks of the business – which we imagine will be a hefty task due to not being in the office in a good while. With a dedicated, hard-working, and passionate events manager at your service, we will deliver all of your event needs and wants in an effortless and timely period.

    Calling on our fantastic array of artistes, performers, crew and suppliers, we will fulfil all elements of your event, from venue décor and live entertainment to props and catering. We’ll get creative on your behalf and come up with an exciting concept for the event; we’ll develop a cohesive theme that runs through every detail – from delegate name badges to your presentation slides. Or if you are wanting something a little edgy and outside the box, we can arrange anything from weird, wacky yet wonderful interactive meet and greet acts to world-class live entertainment that is suitable for all ages. With over 15 years of experience in the events industry – we have the skills, knowledge, and desire to step into our client’s shoes and understand what each event needs to achieve success. Prepare for an event that is on brand, unique and a definite stand out from the rest!

    In summary, lockdown is not going to last forever, and amazing events take time to plan. It is going to be a competitive market for the events industry over the next few years so this makes it crucial for you to get a head start in the event planning process in order to secure the very best venue, live entertainment, props and décor.

    Why not get in touch to discuss your next event – we’re ready to work alongside you to create a world-class experience for your guests. And if you need to engage with your customers before the lockdown ends then we have some amazing Virtual Events and entertaining Social Distancing solutions to discuss. 

    Contact us and speak to a member of our team today!

  4. Queue Busters!

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    If there is one thing we have learnt to do during this pandemic, it’s queue. That’s right, due to the ‘social distancing’ safety measure of keeping two metres apart from anyone at any given time, it has severely impacted people’s experience when shopping or visiting any type of Retail store or even any public place. The wait times to gain access to those chosen Retail stores and public places can be so excessive that it discourages peoples who want to visit. That’s why we have come up with a solution for businesses to attract people to their store, all whilst encouraging responsible social distancing.

    In order to keep visitors interested and willing to wait to get into your store, you need to make their queuing experience more fun and enjoyable! You read correctly; we’re talking about adding excitement to the queuing process of the shopping experience with ‘interesting distancing’ – otherwise known as hiring our range of eye-catching, captivating and interactive street performers to entertain people whilst they wait in line.

    Don’t be bored, boogie!

    There is nothing like music to help pass the time, and let’s face it, nothing brings people together and puts a smile on their faces more than a sing song and a dance. With our range of fantastic musical entertainers, you can keep visitors occupied, entertained and more importantly happy whilst standing in line. From a weird but wonderful five-piece stilt walking 1920s band, a lively, energetic and captivating mariachi band, an incredible classically trained string quartet and many, many more. We guarantee that our street performers will lift the spirits of everyone around!

    Creature Feature

    Did someone say ROAR? Go wild with our fascinating wild animals and state of the art, interactive, giant, smoke-breathing dragons and incredibly realistic dinosaurs. Guaranteed to take people’s attention away from the excruciating long queue, our range of exotic animals will provide visitors with a wonderful wildlife experience! It will be the only time you can say you nipped out for a pint of milk and ran into ‘Dreygo the Dragon’ doing his daily exercise.

    It’s a fantasy

    No, you haven’t accidentally stepped into one of your favourite fictional stories, it’s just our range of fabulous and famous Fairy-tale characters and fantastic creatures that you’re seeing entertaining your visitors as they patiently wait in line to enter your store. Gargoyles, Wizards, Witches and even Mermaids, Fairies and Pirates will WOW people with their incredible live theatre performances and bring a real buzz to your store.

    Make em’ Laugh

    They say laughter is the best medicine, so cure the boredom and frustration that comes with queuing up with some comical characters and crazy antics. Nothing screams crazy than a nun on a piano strolling down the street singing at the top of his lungs, and nothing screams comical than a very boisterous and mischievous mime mimicking your every move. Our range of hilarious comedians, street performers and entertainers will definitely keep the laughter flowing!

    The Circus is in town

    Roll up. Roll up to the greatest queue in the world! We’re talking Stilt Walkers, Fire Breathers, Fire Eaters, Acrobats, Clowns and many, many more weird and wacky street performers and circus acts that are all waiting in line to entertain your visitors. We guarantee that our circus entertainers will distract visitors from queuing up in a long line with their unconventional tricks and mind-blowing performances.

    We know it’s important to keep a distance, so queuing up to enter any retail store or public space for a long period of time will be the new normal for a while, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull experience! Keep things interesting for your visitors with our fantastic range of street performers, entertainers and acts – you could even use them to raise money for charity or to gain new business exposure.

    If you would like to know more or to book any of the acts mentioned above then give one of our friendly team a call on 01253 251 100.

  5. Beautiful Night Themed Event – Grosvenor London

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    The Brief

    Big Foot Events were honoured to create “A Beautiful Night” Themed Event at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel in London for Joymain Global Health & Beauty. Our client wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests, as well as increase their brand awareness and showcase their strong company values. The event theme concept started with two theme ideas, Alice in Wonderland and Prince and Princesses, since we were catering for an international audience, the end result ended up being an amalgamation of the two, but also incorporating a variety of Fairytale characters and Royal Lookalikes!

    The Challenges

    For this conference event and Gala dinner to run smoothly and be successful, we had to make sure that we provided entertainment that everyone could relate to and engage with. The theming and props had to work within the hotel’s restrictions as well as provide guests with an extravagant and never-seen-before experience.

    Since the conference would include two full live production shows, it was important that all lighting and sound systems were timed exactly to create the desired effects on the day of the event. Despite these challenges, we knew that with our 15 years’ experience in event planning and providing live entertainment to the events industry, we would be able to create an amazing event that would exceed all our client’s expectations.

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any issues on the day of the event, and to make sure we brought our clients vision to life, we arranged several site visits and meetings with both the venue and our client, which resulted in creating mood boards with clear pictures of theme décor, entertainment options, story-boards and site layouts, so that we maintained consistency throughout the event planning process.

    We provided a variety of exciting meet & greet characters including The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Stilt Walking Trees and fairies, as well as Royal Footmen, British Soldiers and Queen Elizabeth Lookalike. Not to mention Beauty and the Beast performers, Ballroom dancers and eleven Trumpeters. This array of entertainment was to incorporate all of the different event themes mentioned above, as well as create a cohesive party atmosphere.

    The Results

    A complete venue transformation was necessary in order to transform a five-star function room into something quite extraordinary. With beautifully placed blue, white and silver drapes and refined table dressing and chair covers situated in the centre of the room, alongside an impressive stage and dancefloor area, the venue oozed elegance and sophistication.

    Incorporated into the venue décor was a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast themed props including meet and greet characters from the iconic films, an incredible flower display, wisteria walkway and even a sparkling white carriage for photo opportunities.

    Before the evening entertainment and Gala Dinner, guests were shown to their seats by friendly hostesses and enjoyed a welcome ceremony featuring incredible live speakers, a spectacular dance troupe and a breath-taking String Quartet. To make it a Royal affair, our uncanny lookalikes consisted of British guards, Footmen and even the Queen!

    Adding a WOW factor to the evening, and serving as incredible mid-dinner entertainment, were World Class Ballroom Dancers, Fanfare Trumpeters and the Rockabellas, a fabulous and incredibly British Vocal Harmony Group. After a delicious three course meal, guests had the pleasure of watching two sensational live production shows.

    The first was a beautiful and captivating rendition of the classic film Beauty and the Beast featuring Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Chip, the Beast and of course Belle! The second was a lively, energetic, weirdly wonderful Alice in Wonderland live production show! Featuring iconic characters from the film including The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Alice Herself. Both live shows included a full lighting and sound display with lasers, LED lights and special effects.

    We loved creating this unique, outside the box event for our client and we are glad we managed to exceed all of our client’s expectations and give their guests a memorable experience.

  6. Sunshine Festival 2019

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    The Brief

    We had the honour of being a part of the Sunshine Festival 2019. This will be our tenth year providing sensational live entertainment for this amazing event. Sunshine festival is a fantastic family-friendly festival that takes place every August Bank Holiday in Worcester, England!

    The Challenges

    As we mentioned before, this is our tenth year being a part of the festival, and each year the level of entertainment increases massively from the year before. With the success of last year’s event, which consisted of over 100 performers, acts and artistes performing over three consecutive days, and with reports showing that over 8,000 people attended, we had the challenge of leveling up our range of live entertainment for this year’s event.

    The Solutions

    In order to maintain our reputation for providing high-quality live entertainment to the events industry, and to once again give people a unique, never seen before, memorable experience, we had to make sure we provided the very best entertainers in the entertainment industry! We decided on a range of fantastic live tribute acts – because who does not LOVE a good tribute performance? As well as a few well-known and well-loved famous faces, including talented TV actress and West End Star, Claire Sweeney!

    The Results

    The popular event is a firm fixture in the Worcestershire calendar and always draws a bumper crowd – and this year attendees were blessed by gorgeous bank holiday weekend weather. As the festival was celebrating its 10th anniversary, the event’s slogan ‘The Festival for Every Generation’ was more important than ever as over 10,000 tickets had been sold, so we had to ensure there were a wide range of acts suitable for all ages. The event consisted of the Main Stage, Sunflower Stage, Sunshine Stage and the Variety stage. Each stage had an impressive variety of performers entertaining the crowd throughout the three days.

    Among the Headliners on Friday were East 17 and 911 who delighted crowds with their nostalgic hits. Each boy band brought their own electric energy to the stage and made thousands of fans go wild! Speaking of nostalgia, Boyzlife, S Club and The Osmond’s made a special appearance and put on one hell of a performance! We cannot forget about our favourite acts of the whole event, British DJ’s Judge Jules and David Pearce who had the audience jumping to their incredible beats.

    It was, however, British boyband Busted who stole the show on Saturday, as the atmosphere instantly intensified as soon as the pop-rockers were brought on stage! Busted gave Sunshine Festival Goers one of their famous, high energy performances with nostalgia galore, as well as music from their new album Halfway. Hilarious musical duo Jedward also joined the stage that night and the crowd seemed to laugh up a storm whilst enjoying their chaotic energy. And for the older generation, the Saturday night live show finished with Showaddywaddy performing all of their timeless and classic hits.

    Sunday saw Peter Andre and Scouting For Girls serenade the audience with their array of love songs, whilst English actress, singer and TV personality, Claire Sweeney stunned the audience with her angelic vocals and her bubbly personality. We can honestly say that watching her perform was one of the highlights of the Festival.

    As well as famous singers and headline acts, the Festival also featured over 20 incredible Tribute Performers. Stand out tributes included Nicola Marie who brought soulful singer Amy Winehouse back to life with her uncanny tribute performance, Maxine Mazumder who honoured the sensational voice of Dusty Springfield, Jimmy Jemain who oozed Rock & Roll with his fabulous rendition of classic Cliff Richard songs, and Donna Ramsdale who brought everyone back to 2014 with her tribute to Pop singer Jess Glynne.

    Considering that this was a three-day festival, you can image just how many amazing acts and entertainers were performing– definitely too many to mention! You can find the full line up on the Sunshine Festival website.

    As always, we loved every minute of the 3-day festival and look forward to experiencing it all over again for its 11th year with new incredible artistes, entertainers, and acts.

  7. Stay Connected With Customers Through Virtual Events

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    Stay connected with customers, employees and business associates by hosting Corporate Virtual Events.

    Firstly, we would like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the Covid-19 Virus. We can appreciate and relate to the substantial impact this isolation is having on not only small businesses, but larger corporations and organisations as well. Here at Big Foot Events, we feel extremely lucky to still be working and planning ahead with our clients, booking high-quality live entertainment for their future events.

    With everything going on in the world right now, and as we are not able to work together in the same environment due to self-isolation, we have been finding new ways to communicate, not only with each other as a team, but also with our lovely clients. And that’s when we came across the new and popular trend of ‘Virtual Events’ – what’s that you ask? A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. You can think of it like Skype – but a lot more fun!

    You can host a business meeting, conference, team briefing or something more large scale such as a training session, live concert, summit or even a product launch with thousands of attendees. In fact, with a Virtual Event, you can host any type of function, party, or business affair for a fraction of the cost of an ‘in person’ event, due to not having venue, catering, and production costs. And the best thing about this upcoming trend is that you can plan, coordinate, and host your event from the comfort of your own home.

    Want to join the ‘Virtual Events’ world and host your own? Here at Big Foot Events, we have put together a ‘go to’ list of tips on how to host a successful Virtual Event.

    1. Create a strategy

    Just like when planning an ordinary ‘in person’ event, you need to have a game plan of what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and when you are going to do it by. Whether it is a big spectacle or a small function, whether it is going to be online or offline, whether it is going to be live or pre-recorded, every event needs a strategy. What do you want to get out of this event? Brand exposure, lead generation or just a fun social event for staff and business associates. How do you want to promote it? Through Social Media or just through your website. Do you plan to collaborate with a partner? Ask yourself these questions before you dive into the execution of your Virtual Event.

    2. Choose a time and date

    Again, just like planning a regular ‘in person’ event, choosing the perfect date and time for your event is crucial to its success. It sounds incredibly simple, but before deciding when to host it, do some research first. Check to see if there are any other events happening at your chosen time and decide if that event will impact your events attendance. You should also take into consideration the different time zones, especially if you plan to go Global.

    You need to choose a time that will work for all invitees. However, as this could prove tricky, we suggest targeting local individuals or businesses that share the same time zone as you. You can always record or live stream your event and put it on your website and Social Media for people to watch at a time that suits them. It may be worthwhile hosting multiple Live Streaming and Virtual Events for different time zones to reach a broader audience.

    3. Make sure you have the correct equipment

    Making sure you have all the equipment necessary to not only host your event, but make it run smoothly is essential. The great thing about ‘Virtual Events’ is that you do not need high tech and expensive equipment, in fact, all you need is a laptop, tablet or phone as well as a microphone and camera – It can be that simple. If you want to create something more unique and interesting for your attendees and highlight your business in a creative way, then add lighting and sound systems to enhance your viewers viewing experience. The last thing you want is technical issues that may cause a negative experience for attendees, resulting in a bad reputation or a lack of interest for your business. Therefore, make sure you test run and check your equipment works perfectly before the day of your actual event.

    4. Engage with your audience

    It is essential to engage with your audience; not engaging will cause people to lose interest in you and tune out, or worse – click off your event. There are a few simple but effective ways to connect with your audience virtually, including through the chat feature on your Live Streaming platform. Ask questions and prompt people to respond in the chat.

    Incentivise people to watch your live stream, seminar, podcast, webinar, training class or product launch until the end with a prize or special announcement. Encourage live tweeting with branded hashtags and include polls and quizzes for added interaction and fun. Ask for questions or simply shout out names of people who are just tuning in, and at the end, you should ask for feedback. Do not forget to have some rules for chat moderation if you are hosting a big live event with many attendees.

    5. Promote your event

    Promoting your event is key to achieving success. There is nothing worse than putting hours of effort into planning an event – virtual or live, and not promoting it properly and having no one turn up – or in this case, not tune in. It is crucial to implement a smart marketing strategy. Whichever way you choose to get the word out there, make sure you highlight the key selling points your event has to offer attendees.

    It could be a noteworthy speaker, skill sharing, an opportunity to network, and more. If you are just wanting to find a unique way to connect with your employees, then make sure you send a clear invitation stating the date and time – and why they should want to attend. Promote using Social Media, Website and Google ads to target a specific audience quickly and effectively. You could also use LinkedIn’s InMail ads for a more personal approach rather than a generic sponsored ad. One thing that is a must is promoting your event through your chosen Streaming platform. This will make it easy for people to access your event details and generate ‘walk up’ leads – equivalent to when people walk up to your event out of curiosity.

    With the above tips on creating a successful Virtual Event, you can generate a unique way of showcasing your company to potential new customers and raise brand exposure or keep connected with staff, business associates and existing customers.

    Take a look at Big Foot Events website for corporate themed event packages and source alternative virtual live entertainment.