Make a Splash with an Under The Sea Themed Event

The live action The Little Mermaid movie is released later this month, so it’s the perfect time to plan an Under the Sea Themed Event!

Under the Sea Themed Walkabout Acts

Make a splash with our Under the Sea themed Acts and Performers! From Jellyfish to Deep Sea Divers, these walkabout characters will roam around your event, entertaining guests. Tropical Fish performers can pose for underwater photo opportunities that will make waves!


The magic of the ocean awaits you! Our stunning Mermaids can entertain on land and in water! Bring The Little Mermaid to life at your event with a Mermaid performance – swimming in a pool, tank, or the ocean – or singing and entertaining on land. No water at your venue? Our magical Under the Sea Sphere is home to a beautiful mermaid exploring the human world!


We won’t burst your bubble. Immerse your guests in a sea-scape with magical bubble effects at your Under the Sea Themed Event. Our Bubbleologists create sea scenes with the magic of larger-than-life bubbles! They can perform meet and greets, stunning displays, and offer workshops where your guests can create their own bubbles – or step inside one!

Props & Venue Dressing

For your Under the Sea Themed Event, we can provide beautiful Themed Room Dressing and Draping to turn your venue into the depths of the ocean, a sandy beach, or a coral reef! Our high-quality Themed Props include Sea Creatures, Sunken Shipwrecks, Tropical Fish, Deep Sea Divers, and swashbuckling Pirates! Create an underwater Prop Trail and take your guests on a sea adventure.

Sea Shanty Band

Get seasick? Come up to the surface for a sing-along with our Sea Shanty Band. Captivating hearts at every port, this musical flash-mob take audiences on a voyage aboard a 19th-century ship. The sailing crew is composed of 17 musicians playing fully unplugged. The ship-scene is set with whiskey and beer barrels, fishing nets, and wooden trunks. This full production is perfect for an unforgettable Under the Sea themed event.

The Whale

Invite your guests to squeeze into the belly of a Giant Whale! This unique installation offers a truly immersive ocean experience. The Giant Whale is a replica of a 50ft sperm whale, lavishly decorated with sea-scape draping and sea creatures! Perfect for children’s Under the Sea themed parties, the Whale offers an educational and exciting sea adventure.