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U2 Baby is the closest tribute to U2 you will ever see or hear! With magnificent attention to detail and authenticity, along with a spine-tingling performance, book U2Baby and hear all of U2's biggest hits by the next best thing to Bono himself!



  • BIOG

    U2Baby started with two brothers and an absolute passion for the music of U2. U2 was, and is, the soundtrack to their lives literally spanning from “cradle to grave”.

    Initially forming as a duo featuring just Bono and the Edge, the brothers felt that backing tracks for drums and bass did not do the songs justice. So, they began to look for musicians to create a full four-piece band. The band renamed themselves as U2Baby (U2B) in 2014 in order to reflect the change from a duo, and to clearly identify themselves as a U2 Tribute Band.

    The U2Baby mission is to play the music of U2, live, to as many people on the planet as they possibly can. They seek to accurately recreate the sounds, the sights and the energy that is U2. They have invested a massive amount of time and money in recreating the feeling of a U2 show which they believe is of utmost importance. Building their own guitar FX and a show control rack, the band deliver a highly polished show with pride.

    U2Baby entertain audiences throughout the globe at parties, large festivals and corporate events. They are based in the UK but perform worldwide.

    U2Baby are a group of talented musicians in their own right. With each member having over 30 years’ experience playing in original, covers and function bands. U2Baby bring a professionalism that is built from a base of knowledge of what works. Most importantly these guys are grounded in reality! They know they are not actually U2 and they know that the client, and the audience, is of paramount importance.

  • BAND

    Aka BudgetBono – played by Richard Peace – Ric has been singing in bands for over 30 years playing originals and covers. He has played with a number of professional function bands but now dedicates his time exclusively to U2Baby in order to live his dream of emulating the band that is the soundtrack to his life.

    The Edge
    Aka EconomyEdge – played by Simon Peace – an award winning guitarist from the U2 guitar forums Simon has spent years perfecting the tones and effects that make the sound accurate to a U2 show. This goes as far as building his own effects to emulate equipment that the Edge uses in shows to this day. An authentic sound is what U2Baby strive for and Simon delivers not only the sound, but the feel of the Edge’s guitar playing.

    Larry Mullen Jr
    Aka LowCost Larry – played by Jon Couling – Jon, a seasoned drum professional, was spotted playing with a functions band by Ric and his dedication to discover the eclectic rhythms laid down by LM is exemplary.

    Adam Clayton
    Aka Affordable Adam – played by Ashley Barber – Ash has been playing bass since his teens. He studied at the London College of Music. Since then he has worked extensively as a bass player with original and cover bands. He has worked as a session musician and has performed on programs such as Channel 4’s TFI Friday. Ash has also performed in the pit and on stage in musicals. He has also been in pantomime and toured with a theatre company as a principal player.


    “U2Baby are the ultimate U2 tribute band. Their professionalism is second to none. I’ve seen them several times. Miss them at your peril…”
    Aaron Govern, U2 Staff Writer and U2 Advisor to Record Collector Magazine

    “Been at their pre and afterparty in The Church in Dublin on 06-11. If you didn’t know you’d really this band was U2! The music, gimmicks. it really seemed they just came from the 3Arena to play another concert in The Church.”
    Cees Dool, from Facebook Reviews

    “Front man really pulled out all the stops for Dublin 2 in the Church. What a showman. Really had to inspect him to check that it wasn’t actually Bono. The sound and the look is identical”
    Shannon Breathnach, Dublin, Ireland

    “What an absolutely fantastic night! U2 Baby are amazing! Thanks guys what a se ! Now … let’s hope the real thing are as good as you xx”
    Susan Huggan, Scotland

    “U2Baby are the nuts!! These guys look & sound the part. So worth seeing. Amazing guys. “
    Deanne Martindill, Facebook Review

    “Me and my dad went to the Cavern gig on Friday night and it was the best night ever!! It’s one birthday that I will never forget! To be given a harmonica as a birthday present just topped it off- amazing! 10/10”
    Chloe Croft, Facebook Review

    “Amazing show, the closest you can get to a U2 concert, Richard and the band they are easy to approach very nice people – top notch.”
    Diego Sabino, London

    “Much much much better tribute band than I could ever imagine, outstanding live performance in Worcester-Marrs Bar, can’t wait to see them again… Well done!”
    Petr Toman, Marrs Bar, Worcester

    “The full package. Seen you a few times and it just gets better and better. The look, The sound, The Atmosphere … Second to none.”
    Joannie Crabtree

    “Man for a second I thought it was U2, the sound, the clothes and the attitude…”
    Alf Dunstan Petersen, Norway

    “It takes true devotion to sound like that! You guys are incredible! One of the best U2 cover bands I’ve heard!”
    Gigi Gonzales, New York City, USA

    “Soaring vocals & quality musicianship combine for an impressive & enjoyable tribute indeed! Eagerly awaiting your US West Coast tour!”
    Deborah Perpetua, Washington, USA

    “Just watched U2Baby in Aylesbury. What a great set-list, even better than the real thing. Great crowd, great drink and great company. The band? Edge was on fire, and “Bono” was a little pocket dynamo, hit the high notes and did a really beautiful Every Breaking Wave. The drums were tight, the sound mixing was spot on and the whole band seemed to really have a great time. I’ve seen a few U2 tribute bands over the years and these guys were by far the best, by a long shot. If you get the chance, go see them, I’d go again.”
    Mark Leddie, posted on Facebook after Shootpool Aylesbury 2017

    “So glad we came, we had a brilliant night, my voice has gone this morning! You guys are so talented. Will definitely be seeing you perform again. My David said he felt like he’d just been to an intimate gig with U2 for fifteen quid.”
    Karen Chisman following Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

    “I am the most loyal and longest serving u2 fan ever. I’ve seen them over 65 times! I know every song, every lyric… I never ever thought you could get a tribute that sounds so much like Bono and the band. Absolutely brilliant :)). Made my day.”
    Andrea G, Maidenhead, UK

    “Your band is awesome.”
    Trish Weedon who has been on stage twice with U2 on the Innocence to Experience tour 2015

    “I watched, I listened, I shed a few happy tears, I sang along and danced. At times their performance was so powerful it was like watching the real deal all those years ago. Only two bands have ever caused me to feel such raw powerful emotion. One is U2 & the other is U2Baby. When a performance grabs you heart and soul and causes your emotions to leak uncontrollably from your eyes you know they’re damned good!”
    Lissy – Worcester

    “One of Europe’s leading U2 tribute bands.”
    Hotpress – July 2017

    “U2Baby played some spine-tingling U2 covers in the HP40 exhibition in the NPA, Temple Bar, Dublin this afternoon ahead of the U2 Croke Park gig tonight.”
    Hotpress Music Magazine

    “U2Baby performed two magnificent shows for us the weekend U2 played Croke. They are THE U2 tribute that we fly to Ireland for our major events due to their authenticity, professionalism and absolute attention to detail. The guys are easy to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for the closest tribute to the real thing you can get.”
    Darren Moore, General Manager, The Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant Dublin

    “I went to Dublin to join in the celebrations and had to do a double take when I saw the U2 tribute band U2Baby rocking it up in a crowded, hot and sweaty Church Bar by the Liffey. With a few pints of Guinness blurring the edges (no pun intended) I was transported back to ’78 and the Dandelion Market Saturday afternoon U2 gigs. If you like U2 go and see this band…”
    Ivan McCormick, one of the guys that was in Larry Mullen’s kitchen before U2 became U2

    “I thought U2Baby were amazing. I think I prefer them to U2 – and it was much easier to get in!”
    Guggi – renowned artist and Bono’s best friend since the days of Cedarwood Road

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