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The Review

Delivering a high-energy mix of rock and indie anthems, totally unique guitar versions of pop and dance classics, guilty pleasures, and some of the slickest genre mashing medleys you never thought you'd dance to!



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    When royalty, heads of state, A-list sporting & corporate titans want to lose their sh*t… They call The Review. International Luxury Rock since ’09.

    Over 1500 events all over Europe conquered, countless non-events upgraded to happenings.

    A multi-award winning, full time professional band for over 14 years, The Review’s legendary live performances are often deemed miraculous. Audiences often faint, cry, propose, and even levitate!

    Backstreet Boys to Rage Against the Machine, Paramore to ABBA. No crowd has ever been able to resist their Head-banging, Tear-jerking, Fist-pumping, Lighter-waving, Guilty-Pleasure Screamalongs.

    Recent corporate clients include Amazon, The Army, ITV, Premier League, RAF, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, Ladbrokes, PDC, Police, Aldi, William Hill, Danone, Unilever, PJ Cussing, & many more far too unglamorous to mention.


    ‘WOW! The Review are a fantastic band and fantastic musicians who understood the brief of Warner. The sound was amazing, enough volume for people to dance but also to comfortably sit and listen, the song choices were fantastic, the dance floor was packed. They were great during sound check and had no problem using the drum screen. So refreshing to see this type of entertainment at Warner, aimed at a slightly younger audience but still entertaining for our die-hard Warner fans – we hope to see them back here again soon!’
    – Warner Leisure Hotels

    ‘I then found myself having to provide an accurate review for a band called The Review. Their version of the Don Henley song Boys of Summer caught my ear, but I imagine these guys would come up trumps playing and performing just about any type of set.’
    – Mark Ritchie, UK Cabaret

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