Munich Bierkeller Men

UK's No1 Bavarian Showband

Munich Bierkeller Men deliver their Oompah show at 100 mph and are louder than any Rock Band! A fully interactive Bavarian show!

  • BIOG

    The band was formed by Accordionist Nigel Jackson who, due to his perfect physique, has become better known to audiences as Slim. In his early teens Slim took his first residency at the Bierkeller in Birmingham. Following this he worked with several Bavarian bands which gave him vast experience in the Bavarian field. But Slim was looking for more…

    Slim wanted a versatile band that would please all age groups. Capable of working at any venue, supplying what the customer required from traditional Bavarian music to the full Bierkeller party. As no band were capable of supplying this, Slim formed “The Munich Bierkeller Men”. He moulded them to supply a fast-moving cabaret style Bavarian show in which the audience is encouraged to participate with a strong emphasis on FUN!
    And we’re talking 100 miles per hour, in your face, fully interactive Oompah show…. louder than any Rock Band! This is an Oompah Band with added extra, perfect for Oktoberfest parties and events!

    Since then The Munich Bierkeller Men have become the most sought-after Bavarian Band in the UK. They have appeared on the same bill as many household names, including Frank Carson, Showaddywaddy, Des O’Connor, The Barron Knights, Mike Reid and Jim Bowen. As professionals they have successfully performed at most types of venues including civic centres, marquees, colleges, universities, clubs, hotels, restaurants, live entertainment bars, village halls, theatres, military service camps etc. They have undertaken promotions for Trusthouse Forte, Pioneer, Mercedes, various food and wine companies and most breweries. Regular bookers include The Lions, Police and Fire Services, Young Farmers, R.A.O.B, and the Freemasons. The Munich Bierkeller Men have provided summer season entertainment for Pontins, Holimarine, Center Parcs, Haven Warner and Butlins.

    As Slim adapts each show to your personal requirements, the band are happy to play to 30 people in the village hall, or 2000 plus university students. To ensure you get the best possible sound Slim has invested in top quality sound equipment. Stage lighting can also be supplied if required.

    The success of The Munich Bierkeller Men is their ability to capture the audience instantly and maintain their interest throughout the full show… which leaves audiences calling for more. With their vast experience and ability to guarantee the success of each function, it is no wonder that The Munich Bierkeller Men are the UK’s No. 1 Bavarian Showband.


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