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Jack Pack

Jack Pack appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 where they stole the nation's hearts and now they are touring the UK with a phenomenal show!

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    Jack Pack are a uniquely contemporary swing pop group made of four professional singers, Andrew Bourn, Alfie Palmer, Martin McCafferty and Sean Ryder.

    hey take us back to the golden era of swing by performing modern songs in the swing style such as My Way, That’s Life, Feel Good and many more. They showcase their sensational vocal abilities and beautiful harmonies. Each performance is bursting with passion, class and charm. They effortlessly fuse together to stun audiences and create an unmissable show.

    The band appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 where they reached the final and went on to achieve international success following their debut album that shot to number 8 in the UK Album Charts. They have performed at venues such as The Palladium which was shown on TV, they have sung on BBC Radio 2 and Magic FM, had a show in front of 40,000 people at Hyde Ark, the British Monarchy at St James’ Palace and many more venues across the UK.

    If Jack Pack could be described, it would be with the style of Rat Pack, the grace of Frank Sinatra and the panache of Michael Bublé all combined into one outstanding show full of chemistry, elegance and excitement. So, if you want to see a performance by some of Britain’s top musicians, Jack Pack make the perfect addition to every event!

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