Christmas Entertainment: Have Yourself a Quirky Little Christmas!

Tired of the same old annual visit to Santa’s Grotto? Elevate your festive events with our unique Christmas entertainment options, introducing a renewed sense of magic into every moment!

Gingerbread Characters

Add a dash of sweetness to your event with our Gingerbread Characters! Loveable and charming, these one-of-a-kind meet-and-greet characters are guaranteed to win the hearts of your guests. They will pose for photo opportunities, mix and mingle with your guests, and create sweet memories, leaving no crumbs behind!

Giant Snow Globe

In search of Christmas entertainment that truly leaves a lasting impression? Look no further than our Giant Snow Globe, designed to be the ultimate centrepiece for any Christmas event. Delight your guests as they step inside an inflatable Winter Wonderland and have a snowball fight, roll around, make snow angels, and become part of the scene! Our Snow Globe comes complete with artificial snow, and we have an array of festive props to compliment the scene and enhance your guest’s experience!  

christmas entertainment

Christmas Meet and Greet Entertainers

We have a delightful range of festive performers, from Roller Skating Robins to jolly Holly Flower Girls! Prepare to be enchanted…

Shimmering Stars

Behold the real star of our Christmas entertainment – the Shimmering Stars! Adorned in metallic silver and gold costumes, these walking Christmas tree-toppers are ready to mesmerise your guests with their playful antics.

Snowflakes on Skates

Witness the elegance of our Skating Snowflakes as they gracefully glide around your venue. These beautiful performers are decorated in sparkly white costumes with shimmering snowflake wings. Elevate the wintry ambience of your event with a singular Snowflake Hostess or opt for a delightful flurry of several skilled skaters, each contributing to the enchantment of your event.

christmas entertainment
Roller-Skating Robins

The cutest Christmas icon is the red-breasted Robin! So why not include this festive favourite in your celebrations? Our undeniably charming Roller-Skating Robins add some cheerful hilarity to your Christmas entertainment. Watch as they twirl, serenade, and pirouette around, adding an infectious sense of joy and laughter to the occasion!

Holly Jolly Living Flower Girls

Our Holly Jolly Living Flower Girls are a fabulously floral addition to your Christmas entertainment line-up! These beautiful characters with roam your venue and bring the classic Christmas flower to life.

christmas entertainment
Winter LED Costumes

Our Winter LED Costumes provide a high-impact meet-and-greet experience for your guests! Our collection of costumes includes beautiful winter Ballerinas, enchanting Frost Fairies, Christmas trees, and Jack Frost!

christmas entertainment
The Angels

Meet Jeff, Dave, and Wayne – the Angels. These extraordinary beings bring a touch of heavenly hilarity wherever they appear. They have embarked on remarkable mission to sow the seeds of peace, love, joy, and laughter wherever their wings take them. A hilarious Christmas entertainment option: their graceful gliding movement, their beautiful illuminated costumes, and absurd humour are unforgettable.

Living Snow Globe

Our beautiful Living Snow Globe provides the ultimate wow-factor for any winter themed event. Within this enchanting creation, the Snow Queen reigns, traversing your event and animating the very essence of the snow globe. Gliding gracefully, she creates her special brand of magic and with it, lasting memories. This Christmas entertainment option is a memorable spectacle for all ages!