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Will the Unclimbable Ladder live up to its name or will you defeat the game and ring the bell of victory. 

Draw in the crowds with this hilariously interactive Unclimbable Ladder. All your guests will want to have a go at the Unclimbable Ladder but how many will triumph over it and be crowned the victor?

The aim is to carefully climb the ladder with out taking a tumble onto the inflatable blanket bellow. Once the top is reached the participant must ring the bell to show they are the winner! If the Unclimbable Ladder on its own wasn't enough of a challenge, you will be against a competitor. Go head to head against your friends and see who can race to the top in time.

Perfect for a multitude of events including Corporate events, Children's Parties, Charity Fundraisers and Fun Fair Days. If you and your guests fancy a challenge and a bucket load of fun then the Unclimbable Ladder is definitely for you!

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