Guide Fee: £600 - £1000

Location: Nationwide
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His acts have been seen in varieté, cabarets, nightclubs, private parties, galas and festivals and is available for stages large and small with acts that can be enjoyed by all ages.

He can also provide hula-hoop walkabout and workshops and can create acts to suit your themes and ideas.

Having done both artist and display gymnastics for nearly ten years in Scotland, Craig decided to combine these skills with dance and choreography by going into the world of circus. At the last minute he opted out of a computer programming degree and went to study at The Circus Space in London

While expanding his existing skills, he specialised in hula-hoop and experimented with classic hula-hoop styles with handstands and isolation. He has also done complimentary training in theatre, dance, voice and acrobatics.

In his time at the Circus Space, he produces many hula-hoop acts including "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", an unusual take on the Wizard Of Oz and "Beatles Mania", which was performed in Hoxton Hall in December 2007 as part of the So & So Circus cabaret. His new Elvis act was first performed at On The Brink at the Circus Space in March 2008.

Before his time at the Circus Space, Craig started choreographing performances for the Inverness Gymnastics display with teams ranged between twelve and fifty members at a time, producing displays that we performed over Britain and Europe.

During his degree course he worked with Jessie Rose and Tilna Tuamisto where they created a hula hoop ensemble, using their different styles to create a unique style of hula-hoop act. Combining it with acrobatics, acrobalance and flowing sequences passing hoops from one perform to another. Before long, they names themselves Hoop La La and produced an impressive array of different acts. It it with this show that Craig became a Semi Finalist on Britain's Got Talent.

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