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A highly visual walkabout act that will bring the "Wild" dimension to your event. 

The performer, 6'2" tall with the athletic and defined physique, depicting the Humanimal of your choice, it transforms in to any creature either with full body paint or wearing full tailor-made bodysuits. Both options include the prosthetics, applied and blended with the designs of the suits and paints to ensure the chosen Humanimal looks complete. All animals are amazing recreating of the original, created with astounding attention to details.

A wide variety of realistic animal characters are available to choose from: Big Cats, Dogs, Horses, Antelopes, Deer, Bull, Unicorn and even a Rabbit.

This undeniable unique act is guaranteed to turn heads, no matter what the occasion. Use the Humanimal to show the wild side of your event, conference, opening or launch. 

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