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The latest Dinosaur to join our herd of Prehistoric beasts is Richie, a very naughty Raptor!

With razor sharp teeth, speed and agility, you had better stay perfectly still when you hire a Raptor for your Dinosaur or Jurassic themed event!

Our Raptor screeches and makes sounds like a 'real' Raptor would have, and with his colouring, you might well mistake him for one of the Raptors out of Jurassic Park 3! 

The Raptor is extremely lively, and very much a crowd pleaser! Children and adults LOVE to be scared by our Raptor walkabout dinosaur. 

We always send one of our professional Safari Rangers and Dinosaur Wranglers along with Richie Raptor, to keep him under control and to contribute to the whole raptor dinosaur experience!

Hire a Raptor if you want to attract huge crowds to your event and want us to create a Dinosaur performance and experience that your guests and visitors will never forget!

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