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Hire a unique, walkabout Dragon Experience for family fun-days, festivals and themed events.

Dreygo The Dragon is available to hire for a wide range of events, providing there is enough room for his incredible wings! 
With his horned face, scaly body, red eyes, smoke-breathing nostrils and wagging tongue, he will be the most photographed attraction at your event! 

With a 15ft Wing Span, that reach a height of 12ft in the air when he flaps, Dreygo, our animated Dragon, creates a huge impression on all he meets!

Hire a Dragon for the following Themed Events:
  • Wizard & Magical Themed Event
  • Harry Potter Themed Event
  • Game of Thrones Themed Event
  • Dungeons & Dragons Themed Event
  • Folklore Festivals & Mythical Themed Events

Dreygo The Dragon comes with a 'Merlin the Magician' Wizard Character who will add interactive fun and drama to the appearance. 

Other Dragon Keepers available!

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