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Fantastic stage shows and superb mix and mingle entertainers!

With many acts able to perform a number of skills, we can ensure that our performers bring a real taste of the circus to your event.


Brilliant entertainment either on stage or as a walkabout act, our jugglers specialise in different forms of juggling with balls, clubs, rings and other objects!

A skill that always fascinates, jugglers are perfect acts for fairs, circus themed and all other events.



Highly skilled and perfect as roaming entertainment, unicyclists can perform street shows, stage shows and mix and mingle.

Available shows include high unicycles, unicycle balancing acts and unicycling combined with juggling.


Plate Spinning

A classic circus skill packed with comedy.

Spinning shows are available with plastic or real china plates, as well as workshops for aspiring spinners!


Be amazed as our diablo juggler whirls and tosses the diablo, performing stunning tricks.

Available as a choreographed stage show to music or as a walkabout act.



The perfect mix & mingle act! Full of comedy and interaction, these professional fools will entertain your guests.

Often equipped with balloon modelling, juggling and other skills, our clowning acts are all round entertainers.


Stilt Walkers

We can offer male and female stilt walkers in a variety of costumes and themed options to Meet & Greet, Mix & Mingle, Walkabout, interact with your guests and attract attention!

We can also provide Bouncy Stilt Performers who can perform astonishing feats such as acrobatics, flips and even bounce over a car, all on stilts!



Elegant and exciting, trapeze artistes make the perfect addition to any circus themed event.

Also able to perform other aerial shows with ropes, hoops and silks, these stunning shows are a must for any event.



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