Why Hire a Snow Machine this Christmas

Make your Christmas events even more special this year and hire a Snow Machine! From creating an authentic indoor Winter Wonderland to enhancing your Christmas Light Switch-on. Our Snow Machines and Technicians can create beautiful Snow Effects for any event!

So, why hire a Snow Machine this Christmas?

Create the Perfect Winter Wonderland

The most effective way to transform your event venue into a Winter Wonderland is with SNOW! A Snow Machine will help you to create a magical winter atmosphere. From a gentle snowfall to a blizzard, our skilled Snow Technicians create a range of effects. Enhance your Winter Wonderland with our wintry Props, festive performers, or even a Giant Snow Globe!

Snow Machine

No Need to Rely on the Weather!

With a Snow Machine, you can guarantee a picture-perfect White Christmas. There’s no need to rely on unpredictable weather conditions, you can have a beautiful snowfall regardless of the forecast. Our Snow Machines create such a realistic impression of falling or settled snow your guests will feel the magic of a true white Christmas.

Safe Snowfall

Unlike natural snow, our Snow Machines produce precisely controlled and safe artificial snowfall. You don’t need to worry about slippery surfaces or the arduous task of shovelling away snow afterwards. This makes Snow Machines a convenient and versatile option for indoor and outdoor use. For indoor events, we create a finer and fast-drying snow effect, prioritising safety and minimising clean-up, leaving you with a hassle-free experience!

A Range of Snow Effects

Our skilled Snow Technicians will create different effects depending on your requirements. Outdoors, where you may want a thicker snow effect, we can create an accumulation of snow. A combination of different strengths of artificial snow will deliver exactly the effect you need. Alongside a beautiful snowfall, we can enhance your event with snow flocking on window ledges, trees, plants, and more, to create a complete Winter scene. Our Snow Machines add a layer of authenticity to your Christmas events.

Snow Machine

Photo Opportunities

A Snow Machine is a unique and unforgettable addition to your festivities! The photo opportunities it provides create lasting memories. The snowfall provides a beautiful backdrop for Christmas photos, helping you capture the event!

Fun For All Ages!

Children and adults alike love playing in the snow. A Snow Machine provides hours of entertainment, allowing for snowball fights, snow angel creating, and other winter activities!