Creating a Winter Wonderland at Vulcan Park

In December 2021, Big Foot Events had the pleasure of creating a magical, snowy Winter Wonderland for Workington Town Council.

The Brief

Our client reached out to create an extra special winter event! The client wanted to provide beautiful snow effects and wintry entertainment for their event to be completely magical! Their aim was to transform their outdoor venue into a Winter Wonderland.

The Challenges

The Winter Wonderland venue was a beautiful outdoor environment with grass, trees, shrubbery, and paving. Due to the vast expanse of the space and varying landscape, creating a magical and realistic snow scene would be a difficult – but exciting – challenge!

We needed to manage our client’s expectations and provide a stunning snow effect while using their budget effectively. To accomplish this, we needed to evaluate the setting, its accessibility, and any restrictions we would face in creating an authentic snow scene. We needed to consider different techniques to create a wintry atmosphere and provide the perfect illusion of settled snow for a prolonged period of time. We would need to incorporate the natural scenery and create a lasting effect.

The Solutions

We organised a site visit with the client at Vulcan Park. This visit enabled us to make an in-person accurate assessment of the environment and plan effectively. Meeting the client also allowed them to have confidence in our plan and fully understand the service we were able to provide.

We utilised the expertise of our talented Snow Technicians to design a stunning and authentic snow scene. For the best possible effect, we chose to provide a combination of snow effects: settled, falling, and dress snow.

Using a combination of our fantastic snow machines and snow flocking, we created a snow blanket across the grass and designed a beautiful natural setting with snow flocking on leaves and trees. We provided a gentle falling snow effect at the entrance of the park. Visitors stepped through the snowflakes to enter winter wonderland – the perfect snowy photo opportunity!

The Results

We created a magical Winter Wonderland at Vulcan Park for Workington Town Council! Our expert Snow Technicians created a realistic winter Snow Scene. We combined our fantastic Snow Machines with Snow Flocking techniques – the results were spectacular! We provided gentle falling snow using our high-tech snow machines for the perfect authentic touch – brrr! With snowy trees and snow on the ground and grass, the scene was set.

‘Oh, my goodness. Everyone loved the snow! There were queues all day. The team were great: really professional and helpful. Thank you to you and the team. We really appreciate you helping us make our events so successful!’