The Elf Academy

In December 2021, the Big Foot Events team were given the exciting task of creating a special Christmas-themed private party for our client. We designed a bespoke ‘Elf Academy’ party with fun workshops and fantastic performers!

The Brief

Our client reached out to ask us to design an extra special themed birthday party for her son who had requested his special day have ‘Christmas vibes’ and plenty of fun!

With a small budget, we wanted to ensure that we created a magical and memorable party with a big impact.

The Challenges

We aimed to avoid limiting any fun or festivities due to cost restrictions. We needed to create a Christmassy atmosphere and design an excellent bespoke package for our client that made the best possible use of their budget.

The party needed to appeal to children of all ages with interactive elements that would keep the party guests entertained throughout the day.

The Solutions

We took one of our fantastic interactive entertainment designs and scaled it down. It would now fit within the client’s budget while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

We concentrated on the interactivity of the party to maximise fun and entertainment! The package was developed from our exciting ‘Elf Workshop’ concept that included different stations, activities, and challenges for the party goers. This workshop activity would keep costs low while providing maximum fun!

To ensure that this would be a sparkling festive event, we highlighted the abilities of our energetic performers as opposed to decor and theming. This would appeal to the young age group and provide fantastic entertainment – the main focus of the party.

The Results

We created a magical Christmas extravaganza! We provided a bespoke ‘Elf Academy’ party with mini workshops. The Elf Academy also had exciting Meet and Greet opportunities with our Elf and Santa Claus performers!

Party guests were tasked with the mission of making Santa’s Sleigh fly! To complete this, they participated in a series of fun activities and interactive performances. The children needed three different components for Santa’s Sleigh to soar through the sky and deliver presents in time for Christmas Day. They needed to create Magic Reindeer Dust, Joy, and Belief in Santa Claus.

Each child was assigned the role of ‘Apprentice Elf’ and they were guided through the Elf Academy experience by our fantastic and spectacularly costumed Elf Performers. They learnt how to create Christmas magic while having plenty of fun!

Our Barometer Prop tracked the party goer’s achievements as they completed the mini workshop tasks and progressed through the Elf Academy on their journey to become fully-fledged Christmas Elves and save Christmas!

To begin, our Elf Performers led a special Magic Reindeer Dust making workshop. The second stage was to generate lots of joy by having as much fun as possible; our Elves taught the children a special elf song, helped them rehearse an elf dance, and played a range of Christmas games. Then, the children took part in a cookie decorating workshop and wrote letters to Santa Claus containing their Christmas wishes.

When these fun challenges were completed, the magical Barometer would display 100%. The children were successful in making Santa’s Sleigh take flight! The party guests were awarded stickers declaring them to be certified Santa’s Helpers.

Testimonial & Feedback

The Elf Academy brought real Christmas magic to the birthday party, and we received wonderful feedback from the client! The birthday boy and his party guests thoroughly enjoyed the experience and all the exciting activities.

‘I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the help with Harvey’s birthday. It was so good – manic – but amazing!’