A Guide To Planning The Perfect White Winter Wedding

Winter is a magical time of the year for your special day. With festive cheer in the air, party season, and promises of new beginnings in the New Year – what better time than Winter to tie the knot?

Here at Big Foot Events, our event planning experts know exactly how to design the perfect White Wedding – with a difference. Enjoy a cosy, romantic evening with the warmth of a fire (and a glass of mulled wine…). Get comfortable, grab a hot drink, and read our Guide to Planning the Perfect White Winter Wedding.

Nice Day For A White Wedding

Have you always dreamed of the ultimate White Winter Wedding? Falling snow, crisp air, and unique photo opportunities… but know you’ll never be able to control the weather? Think again. At Big Foot Events, we can guarantee the perfect Snowy Setting for your Winter Wedding.

We all dream of a White Christmas, but how about a truly White Wedding? A crisp chill in the air is perfect when accompanied by Sparkling Snow! Your romantic Winter Wonderland wouldn’t be complete without a gentle Snowfall! Big Foot Events can provide the ice and frost of a beautiful Winter’s Day at any time of year. If you are planning a unique White Wedding, you don’t have to limit yourself to the Winter season – create Snowfall all year round with our professional Snow Machines! Hire a Snow Machine for your Wedding day and bring the joy of a White Winter to your special day!

Setting the Snow Scene

We can create a variety of beautiful Snowy Scene Settings for your Wedding. Each Snow Scene is built on a fully bespoke basis. We will transform your venue into the perfect Wintry Scene you have always dreamed of. Our near-silent Snow Machines can generate a range of Snow Effects from a light frost to a snow flurry! We can create any type of snowy weather event you wish. From design to clean-up, we provide the complete Snow Service created specifically for you. Each element of our Snow Scene Setting is intricately created to be realistic and stand up to the scrutiny of any camera.

We can create a Blanket of Snow by building layers of snow to create the impression of heavy Settled Snowfall. Our more substantial Artificial Snow can be walked upon without the risk of melting. This snow can even be used for a snowball fight – perfect for action shots!

For a lighter Snow Effect at your White Wedding, consider Snow Flocking or Realistic Snowfall. Our Snow Flocking gives the impression of a light, realistic Snow Fall. We can flock trees, window ledges, foliage, and any surface to create a gentle dusting of snow. Our Snow Machines can create a magical sprinkle of Snowfall. This gentle Falling Snowflake Effect is a gorgeous display of Snowfall – perfect for photographs!

Icy Photo Opportunities

Is your Wedding Venue surrounded by stunning natural scenery? Or a cosy heated patio with twinkling fairy lights? Snow is the perfect backdrop for stunning Winter Wedding photographs. The overall impression created by our skilled Snow Technicians is one of realism. Our Artificial Snow is proven to film and photograph beautifully.

For striking and unique Photo Opportunities, our Snow Flocking creates a backdrop of frosted trees, snowy window ledges, and the chance to capture a ‘couple’s footsteps’ photograph for your Wedding album. Our talented Snow Technicians can create the perfect, romantic atmosphere for your special day. Our Foss Snow photographs beautifully and provides a stunning and realistic impression of a truly White Wedding day.

Winter Wonderland White Wedding Décor

Our White Winter Wedding planning doesn’t end there. In addition to Snow Effects, Big Foot Events can also provide bespoke Winter Wonderland décor, acts, and entertainment to complete your day. With props, draping, table dressing, and lighting, we can design a complete Wintry package for your special day. We will bring your Wedding Planning Pinterest board to life! Our creative team will transform your venue into a magical Winter Wonderland. A crisp Winter Whites seasonal colour scheme will complement the Snowfall outside, bringing a touch of frost indoors. Snowflake props and twinkling fairy light draping will complete your day. Speciality Acts and Themed Stilt Walkers, Ice King & Queen, Winter Snow Fairies, and Ice Jesters can meet and greet your guests and provide wonderful Photo Opportunities.

With the best props and speciality acts in the world of entertainment at our disposal, our specialist team of venue decorators can turn any venue into a magical Winter Wonderland.

Hire our professional Snow Machines, giant inflatable Snow Globes, and skilled Snow Technicians for Winter Weddings, White Christmas events, TV & Film Shoots, and any Winter Themed Event!