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Brimming with talent, Mix'd Tape Party Band will not fail to delight any audience!


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    Brimming with talent, Mix’d Tape Party Band will not fail to delight any audience!

    The UK’s dose of a family-filled band! Touring together since February 2018, Mix’d Tape is home to the de Souza siblings who have a wealth of musical experience which is oozing from their bones! Their passion is to share and delight audiences around the UK with their music and, so far, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing!

    With Reggie being a trained pianist, Maria-Elena being a trained violinist, and Alistair a trained guitarist, the musical knowledge and talent within this lineup is overwhelming!

    With their collected inspiration coming from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Guns n Roses, Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston, and The Shadows, it is strikingly obvious as to why Mix’d Tape always leave an audience wanting more. Their different styles of music blend and fuse together to keep the shapes on the dance floor moving all night and maintains the smiles of people’s faces all night!

    Inspiring the siblings since their childhood, their father, Romeo de Souza, filled their hearts with music and entertainment. He led their journey around the local circuit and headed the popular band ‘de Souza’ in which the siblings and their dad enthralled audiences for many years. Upon the loss of their father, Reggie, Alistair, and Maria-Elena joined forces and Mix’d Tape was born in memory of Romeo.

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