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Dunk Tank

Create interactive entertainment and a talking point for yours guests with our hilarious Dunk Tank. Watch one willing volunteer take their seat suspended above the Dunk Tank and wait patiently for their fate.

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    Create hours of laughter and entertainment with our Dunk Tank!

    This classic funfair and carnival game will captivate crowds of all ages!

    Whether you are being immersed in the Dunk Tank or you are the one dunking – there will be smiles all around!

    Watch as one willing volunteer take their seat suspended above the tank and waits patiently for their fate… Crowds will begin to form with anticipation as each of your guests tries their luck at soaking the nervous participant!

    Our Dunk Tank is great for Charity Fundraisers, Summer Parties, and Corporate Events. Bring one of the most iconic carnival and fĂȘte games to your event.

    Ever wanted to drench your Boss? Well, now you can! Do you think your Dad needs a dunking? Here is your chance! This light-hearted entertainment will certainly get your guests nominating the next potential volunteers! A guaranteed winner and crowd-pleaser… your event will have the fun factor covered.

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