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Alex Ranahan – Virtual Host

Experienced comedy actor, writer, facilitator, and online host, Alex Ranahan, brings to you his professional Virtual Compère experience, as well as his own Virtual Comedy Events, Virtual Quiz & Bingo. Alex also runs engaging Comedy Workshops for Team-Building Events.


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    Experienced comedy actor, writer, facilitator, and online host, Alex Ranahan, brings to you his professional virtual compère experience, as well as his own virtual comedy events and quiz shows, perfect for family parties and corporate functions!

    Alex Ranahan Virtual Event Entertainment is an award-winning business dedicated to bringing people together virtually across the world.

    They forge magical moments for their guests through game shows and educational workshops, and presenting and facilitating services designed to create memorable, fun, and engaging team experiences. The trademark high-energy and light-hearted comedic style of presenting has been connecting corporations, teams, families, and friends around the world; with hundreds of events and thousands of raving fan participants. From celebrations to solidifying teams, we guarantee your event will go out with a bang.

    Winner of Virtual Events Specialist of the Year 2022 – Corporate LiveWire, Nationwide Online Virtual Events Provider of the Year UK – SME News 2022 and 2023, Virtual Entertainment Events Provider of the Year – Global Awards 2021/22, and Leading Provider of Virtual Entertainment UK – Greater London Enterprise Awards 2021.

    Alex brings you his Interactive Quiz and Bingo Event (using a smartphone and laptop together) to really liven up the party and have your guests interacting in some competitive fun!

    Join high-octane quizzisist (it’s a thing) Alex Ranahan as he brings you to life with all the amazing things to look forward to this year, from around-the-world traditions to breakthrough technology, even to tournaments that’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

    With new rounds tailored to really celebrate the holiday seasons, you’ll be gobsmacked at how different countries like to party. Who chucks water over girls at Easter? Which country practices voodoo on Halloween?  One country even had to ban bonfires on Valentine’s Day to quell scorned women!

    You’ll need a laptop/tablet and a smartphone to play as we bring the power of interaction back to your fingertips by using your mobile as your answerpad.

    Timing is 1 hour quiz with the ability to socialise 15 minutes before and after so you can revel in your success or drown your sorrows.

    In It’s a Banger, Alex warms the party up with entertaining jokes, getting people into the celebratory spirit, and pits departments against each other to create the funniest joke. Perfect for corporate events, team away days and team building workshops! There’s also a family or adult version that can be adapted to suit any desired attendees.

    In, New Year’s Cheer, Alex teaches clients how to write jokes, perform them, and explain why things are actually funny. If you’re wanting to express your inner comedian, or just want to get involved in a good laugh, then this hilarious, informative and engaging workshop is for you!

    In British Business Banter, Alex teaches corporate clients how to embrace true British humour, how to come across as warming and more charming in business, and how to make up their own jokes on the spot that will actually be funny! Business doesn’t always have to be serious!

    If you’re after a fun, engaging, interactive workshop, quiz or comedy show, that not only is a lot of fun, but also teaches you important professional qualities such as; empowerment, confidence, personal performance, facilitation skills, and interpersonal skills, then get in touch to hire Alex Ranahan!

    Alex also offers Christmas Virtual Entertainment including ‘Shinny’s Supercharge: Comedy Elf Zoom Bomb!’

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