Big Foot Events Showcase 2023

Venue: Village Hotel Blackpool

Date: 20th November 2023

Reviewer: Mark Ritchie | UK Cabaret Magazine

All the bells and whistles and treats for the eyes and ears were on offer at this gargantuan scaled mix and mingle, street entertainment and meet and greet event, which preceded the showcase itself. On offer from the ever ravishingly gorgeous agent Erica Crompton was an evening of fun and surprises. This is what Big Foot Events do, with dinosaurs and dragons galore and the emphasis very much on presentational skills and wow factors.

Showcase - Mirror Man, Spinosaurus, Dragon, Flower Stilts, Dilophosaurus

Compere for the evening was the legendary DJ Lionel Vinyl, AKA Norry Ashcroft. In whichever guise he chooses to appear, this performer knows the corporate market inside out and his knowledge and skill shines through.

Kitsch and rather camp shows, such as The Movie Magic Show are cropping up here and there, proving the market for this material exists. Here we have one male two females, some amazing costumes and choreography and a real winner for sure in so many areas of the marketplace.

The Bavarian Oompah Boyz are in fact two Brummie boys and a girl, wearing a skirt so short it resembled a frilly pelmet. Maximum entertainment value here from a fun and tongue in cheek oompah act, who look like winners to me.

Glimmer is the name of a superbly presented three-girl act, loaded with harmony skills and stage presence. A thoughtfully presented postmodern jukebox style combined with great cabaret and movement skills.

Showcase - Lionel Vinyl, Bavarian Oompah Boyz, Glimmer

Helix and The Hounds is the name of a punchy and ballsey four-piece rock band. These guys have all the required edge for a true live band. One for the musical purists certainly, but also thoroughly entertaining.

Boomin is the name of a real favourite band of mine. That said, this live three-piece band always come up with a new slant on certain covers. It seems their star shines as brightly as ever.

Cliff Antony has the look of a band singer, and his voice is terrifically pitched and easy to listen to and enjoy.

Luke Combs UK came next and what we saw and heard was a top-class country rock style band. Country music has always been a real blind spot with me, so after consulting the ever helpful and approachable Ms Crompton, I was soon clued up and appreciating the lookalike quality as well as the musical skills.

Showcase - Helix and the Hounds, Cliff Antony, Luke Combs UK

On The Tracks is the name of two boys, one on guitar and the other on Cello. Ed Sheeran’s haunting song the A-Team just cries out for live cello. This is a great idea and so well-delivered as an acoustic attraction. 

I first saw Last Orders – The Pub Party last time around at Bigfoot’s ’22 showcase. This is a great idea as the six guys give us the ultimate choreographed, interactive pub sing-a-long. The effect on the audience was fantastic and business is sure to flow and flow. This is the best new idea I have seen showcased for some considerable time.

I then found myself having to provide an accurate review for a band called The Review. Their version of the Don Henley song Boys of Summer caught my ear, but I imagine these guys would come up trumps playing and performing just about any type of set.

Sheeran vs Ezra is a great idea for a double-edged tribute show. The show is delivered well and performed with the aid of a loop guitar and all the accustomed technology.

Out came the glowsticks with the arrival of a three-handed band called Noughty Nineties. An extraordinary and diminutive female singer led the room in all the big fish- little fish- cardboard box style hand-dancing gestures.

Absolute Britney is a dead ringer for Ms Spears and her two dancers certainly look the part. More to do with image and the fantastic dance routines than a big lead-vocal for sure, but this is class tribute music entertainment without a doubt.

Picture This is a Blondie tribute band, and all involved in the musical side of the act were bang en-pointe. The lady out front was blonde and sings very well indeed.

Showcase - Sheeran vs Ezra, Noughty Nineties, Absolute Britney, Picture This

Kurtis Ray’s Funk and Soul Party is in fact a one man all singing all dancing party soul man, who looks great and sounds even better. I can say no more about this performer, except to state that he could probably start a dancing party in a mortuary.

Kool Britannia is a live band all dressed entirely in black, which made the individual members hard to pick out in their rather gloomy corner room pitch. Britpop anthems are what is on offer here and there will be work waiting after this successful showcase pitch for sure.

Closing the whole thing out on a triumphant night for the nice people at Bigfoot Events was something rather special. MJ – The Legacy. I have to begin by stating that I have never been as convinced about the true authenticity of a live vocal being presented by a Michael Jackson tribute, as I was with this young man. His name is Craig Harrison and along with his dancers he proved to be one of the evenings many highlights.

Showcase - Kurtis Ray, Kool Britannia, MJ The Legacy

Until next year, Big Foot!