A Magical Christmas with Santa’s Sorting Office

We had the pleasure of helping to create Affinity Lancashire Shopping Outlet’s Christmas Promotions for 2021!

The Brief

Our client wanted to design a magical and festive environment for children and families at their outlet shopping complex. They wanted to create an extra special Christmas post-lockdown. Local residents could enjoy a truly enchanting festive period!

With our help, exciting ideas, and vast range of Christmas activities, Affinity Lancashire wanted to create a sparkling Christmas. Our client wanted to maximise shop sales, customer dwell time at the site and generate additional footfall over the festive period. They aimed to encourage customers to return to in-person shopping after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

We aimed to create impressive visuals and activities to encourage shoppers to visit the site to participate in a magical Christmas activity and choose Affinity Lancashire as their Christmas shopping destination.

Affinity Lancashire wanted to offer their customers a practical activity that would keep children entertained and allow them to enjoy Christmas fun. They wanted to provide a wonderful Christmassy atmosphere with accompanying dazzling visuals and a magical photo opportunity when the activities were not operational.

The Challenges

One of the main challenges we faced was the differing needs of the complex site’s tenants. Shop visibility and access was extremely important to the client; we needed to ensure that we did not block any shop entrances. We needed to decorate the area with wonderful themed props without restricting the visibility of any shopping units.

Our Installation needed to be unique and stand out against other local Christmas events, encouraging customers to choose Affinity Lancashire for Christmas activities and shopping.

We also needed to ensure that the activities we provided were accessible, fun, and interactive for children of all ages.

We needed to work within a limited budget to design a bespoke package providing the best possible festive experience.

The Solutions

To utilise Affinity Lancashire’s budget to the best possible effect, we needed to create a Christmas package that fulfilled the client’s wish to provide both a source of entertainment for families as well as wonderful festive visuals.

Amongst Big Foot Events’ array of exciting Christmas activities, fun and games, and stunning theming options, we chose to provide an interactive Santa’s Sorting Office Workshop with Character Performers and Festive Themed Props.

The client chose to make Santa’s Sorting Office a free event. This decision allowed the Installation to be more accessible compared to other local events. This ensured that all families were invited to enjoy a fun, festive event that they may have otherwise missed out on. Visitors to the event were able to make a charitable donation if they wished.

We considered the needs of the surrounding shops and asked for their input during the creative process. Our Elf Performers helped to promote the outlets. They encouraged customers to utilise the Installation and enjoy the shops and Christmas deals on offer. We helped to increase footfall while keeping conversion rates high, ensuring that customers could enjoy the entertainment and Christmas shopping.

In order to keep the Christmas magic alive on days when Santa Claus was not in residence, we made certain that shoppers could still enjoy Christmas at Affinity Lancashire. Our magical Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer Props were a fantastic Photo Opportunity!

The Results

We created a magical Christmas for residents and shoppers at Affinity Lancashire!

Our wonderful Christmas Elves and Santa Performers ran Santa’s Sorting Office Workshops on weekends. Visitors embarked on a magical journey through the stations of the Sorting Office, guided by our elves! Children immersed themselves in the role of Santa’s Helper with a Present Building Workshop, a Christmas Tree for Christmas Wishes, a ‘Letters to Santa’ Organising Station, and a Slide to send completed presents to their ‘nice’ recipients!

The Santa’s Sorting Office Installation provided a fantastic festive visual alongside its entertaining practical element. We created a Christmassy atmosphere at the site even when the Sorting Office Workshop was not running. We created opportunities for shoppers to engage with the festive promotions with Props and Photo Opportunities. When Santa was too busy making his ‘Naughty or Nice’ list to visit, shoppers were welcome to have their photo taken in his Sleigh!

We felt that the Santa’s Sorting Office was a great success, with interactive festive fun for all. It transported visitors to a world of wonder in the lead up to Christmas, helping to make every visitor’s Christmas wishes come true!