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Built to suit the event and provide the perfect challenge for you. Ideal for Team Building Events, Fairs, Fetes & Festivals and Family Fun Days.

Teams will build points up by entering individual events and then the qualifiers will race against the clock down the IT'S A WIPEOUT ASSAULT COURSE.

Items are also available to book individually.

Wrecking Ball
Avoid being knocked off our podium by the wrecking ball as it swing round. Last one still standing wins!

The Sweeper
Jump, duck and dive to avoid the sweeping arm as it swings round, aiming to knock you from your podium.

Dizzy Disc
Take your place on the disc and try to collect as many bean bags as you can before the time runs out - and don't fall off!

Run The Gauntlet
Speed, Balance & Agility are required to run the gauntlet. Make it around the padded boards while avoiding the sweeper arm.

Rolling Log
Use it as part of the assault course to challenge people to get from one side to the other without falling off, or as a head to head competition to see who can stay on the longest.

Ultimate Wipeout Double Sweeper
Two to Six players attempt to duck, jump and avoid the two sweeping arms whilst staying on their podiums.

Additional sections can also include: 20ft Slide; 20ft inflatable hurdles; bounce run; inflatable doughnuts and mangles.
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