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 The Cardboard Arcade creates a friendly, interactive environment where people can meet, have fun and play games! Using video games, custom-built retro arcade games and physical games designed by game makers around the world, all simple to pick up and play.
Featuring unique and creative games that guarantees to get people interacting and making new friends. Everything made is handmade in their workshop. All installations are designed to be easy to pick up and perfect to play with others. Not just fun to play, but fun to spectate too.
If you only want a few installations spread out a large area or huge projected games with comedy commentators, they can go to any scale. They can specify their games around your theme, customise installations or create access points with virtual reality hardware for people to conquer their fears of heights or pretend they're in the matrix!
Create & Customize Your Very Own Game
Cardboard Arcade also offer custom games and arcade machines specifically for your event. Tell your companies/wedding/events story through your own game.
Created in partnership with you and can provide it as a free download for all guests or a physical copy of the game given out as gifts. The game's contents are limited only by your imagination. They've created games for weddings and birthdays which feature friends as animated pixel characters and tells a story as you play.
All installations can be set up anywhere if there’s power and it's dry. They are easy to turn off and on during the event if you want periods where people focus on speeches etc. And can be put up for an hour, a day or a month. Their work has been shown in places such as the V&A Museum, Bristol Old Vic, Birmingham Library and Weddings, Festivals and Corporate Events around the UK and Europe. 

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