Winter Wonderland at The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

We were delighted to support our client with their 2022 Christmas entertainment, creating a beautiful Winter Wonderland!

The Brief

Our client approached us for assistance in creating a magical Christmas experience for their visitors. Their objective was to provide an immersive and interactive Christmas experience tailored to families during the festive season.

The Challenges

Our project entailed an extended installation, occupying a large space in the venue for the duration of a month. Meeting all our client’s requirements was our top priority. We upheld this commitment from the beginning of the creative process to the actual installation of the Winter Wonderland.

Our client has an incredible team of volunteers who were dedicated to enhancing the event – including none other than Father Christmas himself! Coordinating our performers on a precise schedule was crucial to ensuring the smooth-running of the event – and avoiding any disruptions to the Christmas magic!

Additionally, we faced the challenge of crafting a script for our performers. It needed to be engaging and provide an immersive and magical experience for all attendees.

The Solutions

During the creative process of designing the perfect installation, we conducted a site visit to establish the restrictions and possibilities of the venue. We generated a wealth of imaginative ideas, complete with concept images and detailed proposals. This proactive approach instilled confidence in our client and provided them with a vivid understanding of the envisioned outcome.

We participated in a series of creative meetings to ensure we were aligned with our client’s ideas for the event. These meetings allowed us to fine-tune our concepts, ensuring they resonated with our client’s objectives and vision.

To ensure the seamless execution of the event, maintaining clear and effective communication between our performers and our client’s volunteers was important. This would be a fantastic opportunity to collaborate to create Christmas magic! We prioritised the establishment of strong relationships and building a rapport that instilled confidence in our client, the volunteers, and our performers.

We submitted our script for approval, and remained open to their feedback, readily implementing any necessary adjustments.

The Results

We created a magical Winter Wonderland at The Keighley and Worth Railway! Our enchanting Winter Wonderland trail installation, and mischievous elf performers, created a magical Christmas experience for families visiting the railway.

Between the 24th of November and 26th of December 2022, The Keighley and Worth Railway exhibition shed was transformed into a stunning Winter Wonderland Trail. Families were guided by our elf performers to embark upon a festive rail journey.

winter wonderland

We worked our venue dressing magic within the venue’s exhibition shed, transforming the space into a Winter Wonderland! We used white camouflage netting, snowstorm draping, artificial snow flocking, and an array of wintry props. These included flying reindeer, a moose, flocked Christmas trees, and charming woodland animals.

winter wonderland

Upon arrival, families were guided through our Winter Wonderland by our performers to find hidden golden tickets for their admission to the Elf Explorer. This was a festive journey upon a beautiful steam train. Families would then enjoy a theatrical journey complete with performances by our elf characters. Father Christmas himself joined the journey, and distributed gifts to children.

winter wonderland

Our installation garnered fantastic feedback from guests! The success of the month-long event led our client to eagerly rebook for 2023, and we are determined to make this year’s event even more special. Our Winter Wonderland trail will be expanded to include a spectacular Santa’s Workshop, promising an even more magical experience. We are excited to spread the joy of Christmas once again at The Keighley and Worth Railway in Christmas 2023.