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    ???? ??? ???????? – #LetTheMusicPlay

    We have come together (Agents Association, National Arenas, British Concert Halls, UK Live, CPA, and more) with a PR company to drive a campaign to publicly and politically highlight the problems that our industry is facing and to call on Government action in the form of Financial Aid and a defined timeline as to when we can reopen.

    We need all bands and artistes to SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN and make as much noise as possible across Social Media on THURSDAY 2ND JULY 2020!

    Here’s what WE need to do;

    1. Show the vital importance of the UK’s live music industry
    2. Ensure the Government cannot ignore live music
    3. Make noise to get the public and financial support the industry needs to survive.

    Here’s what YOU need to do;

    Post content across your Instagram and Twitter Social Media accounts on Thursday 2 July using the Hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay in all your posts.

    Showcase your last live show before Lockdown and ask fans to also share a picture or video using the same hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay

    We will be addressing a letter to the Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, to highlight the importance of the industry and the need for the Government to give us their full support. It will be released to the Press with the names on Wednesday 1st July with a list of Band & Artist Names who support this campaign.

    So, as RuPaul once sang;

    ‘Raise your glass let’s make a toast
    Friends forever, solid gold
    Back together like it was before
    Stronger than ever and there ain’t no more
    Just say, let the music play’