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  1. BVLGARI Snow Globe

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    The Brief

    Big Foot Events were asked to create a fully bespoke Snow Globe for BVLGARI that would not only fit in with their brand but also generate media coverage and increase brand awareness.

    The Challenges

    The Client wanted the Snow Globe to be the main feature of their Christmas themed event, starting early December. One of the challenges we faced when creating the tailor-made Snow Globe was the time restraint. The client confirmed with limited notice and wanted a bespoke design that required sourcing specific materials for the build. Another challenge was that the Globe needed power and staffing 24/7 in order to function properly and keep the Globe inflated.

    Despite these challenges, we knew that with our 15 years’ experience in event management, providing world-class events, we would be able to overcome any issues and provide our client with a unique, personalised and interactive Snow Globe for their 28 day Christmas installation.

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any issues on the day of the event, and to make sure we brought our clients vision to life, we arranged several site visits and meetings with our client, which resulted in creating mood boards with clear sketches and pictures of how the Globe would look once completed, so that we maintained consistency throughout the planning process.

    The team co-ordinated with the site and council to determine the size of the Globe and make sure all site requirements are met. In order to overcome any electricity issues, the team coordinated with the local council to use the power supply from Sloane Square London, where the installation was to take place.  

    The Results

    We only had a short time to execute this project perfectly and the fact of the matter was, it took so long for the designs to be finalised and for the council to give us the necessary permits we needed to be able to inflate the bespoke BVLGARI Globe in Sloane Square, London, that we literally only had eight days to actually create a bespoke globe (which would usually take 2-3 weeks minimum). This resulted in countless sleepless nights and gathering all hands-on deck to help complete the Globe in time.

    The day before the event was taking place, our Events Coordinator travelled down to London to meet up with the client and start building the Snow Globe. Our team worked throughout the day in order to get the Globe set up in time for the event, which was starting at 10am the following morning. After the globe was completed, the client decided at the eleventh hour that they would prefer the Globe facing another direction in Sloane Square, so we returned later that evening, when the square was quieter, and rebuilt the snow globe to their new requirements. The team worked into the night to ensure the client was happy with the results.

    The Globe was contracted to be up in the square for 28 days and our team staffed the Globe throughout the day and arranged for a security team in the evening for safety reasons. It was wonderful to see influencers, stars, families and couples enter the globe and instantly light up with happiness.

    Overall, the event was a huge success generating thousands of visitors to the square as well as raising the profile of BVLGARI. We were pleased we brought our clients vision to life and that everyone who interacted with the Globe had an incredible and memorable experience.