Host Your Own Virtual Event

Here at Big Foot Events, we’ve put together a ‘go to’ list on how to plan your very own Virtual Event!

Let’s be real here, the Covid 19 Virus has really affected our social lives, from not being able to see friends and family, having a laugh at work with our favourite co-worker or being able to attend that festival, party or social gathering we’ve been waiting all year for. We’re all desperately longing for some social interaction and fun!

Which is why with everything going on in the world, it’s time to think outside of the box, get creative and not let this incredibly scary time stop us from enjoying our lives. And for that reason alone, Virtual Events are fast becoming the next big thing! You can host your own themed party, have a BBQ in your back garden with friends and family or put on your very own music festival – all virtually of course!

This is made possible thanks to new technology and the benefits of the internet, making it easy for you to create your own virtual event and invite anyone in the world to attend. And that’s not even the best part! You can plan all of the events mentioned above from the comfort of your own living room. Yes, that’s right, using just a laptop, speaker and a few extra props, you can host any type of social event from your own home – and have viewers tuning in to watch or join in on the fun. With Virtual Events being all the rage and with more and more people hopping on the trend, it’s easy to blend in and be lost amongst the new ‘virtual events’ world.

Which is why Big Foot Events has put together a few tips on how to make your Virtual Event so amazing, it will make people feel as though they are right there with you instead of watching through a screen.

1. Choose a time and date

It sounds incredibly simple, however choosing a time and date is just, if not even more,important to get right than when planning a normal “in-person” event. It’s especially crucial if you are wanting to host a public event and invite a hell of a lot of people. One of the benefits of hosting an event online is that anyone from around the world can attend, but this can also be a bit of a problem if you don’t narrow down your audience. Trying to attract people from the US, Europe, and Australia all at once for example will be tricky due to the different time zones. Which is why we suggest to keep things simple and choose just one country. The great thing about live streaming is that you can record your event and upload it to your Social Media or Website, so that anyone can choose to watch at a later time or date, no matter where in the world they are located.

2. Picking the right Streaming Platform

Now, when it comes to which Streaming platform to use, the list can be quite overwhelming. It might seem easier to choose one you are familiar with; however, you have to remember that you’re not catering to your needs but the needs of your audience. It’s therefore essential to use the Streaming platform that is most likely used by your target audience. You may also want to consider the number of people you want to attend, unlike an in-person event, you are not limited or restricted due to capacity issues since it’s all online. Some of Big Foot Events favourite Streaming Platforms include Twitch, Instagram Live, Brightcove, Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope.

3. Get the right equipment

You can’t put on a Virtual Event without the correct equipment. It would be like walking a dog… without the dog! We’re not saying you need to spend a fortune on high tech equipment. In fact, Virtual Events are extremely cost effective and are considerably cheaper than an in-person event due to not having to pay for a venue. For most Virtual events, all you need is a computer, mobile, camera and speaker. That’s it, it’s that simple. Perfect for family BBQs, quiz nights with friends, Garden parties or any small get together.

However, if you are wanting to create a more extravagant spectacle, then you will most likely need a few added extras. For example; if you want to put on your own at home music festival or DJ set for people to watch and enjoy some live music, then you’ll need a Tripod, disco lights, PA system or speakers in order to replicate that energetic and lively party atmosphere. You can even connect with other musicians and split your screen with theirs in order to add a variety of entertainment to your event. One of our favourite Party Bands, Boomin, have already tested this idea and collaborated with their talented friends in the music industry – click here and see how well their live music session turned out.

4. Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience can be difficult at any normal event and it’s no different with a virtual one. It can be difficult to engage with people virtually as you can’t exactly find a quiet place to have a one on one conversation. A great way to interact with people is by using the ‘chat’ filter on your Streaming platform. Make sure you reply to as many comments as you can to keep the conversation going. Don’t forget to have some rules for chat moderation if you’re hosting a big live event with many attendees.

5. Promote your event

You’ve decided on your type of event, who your audience will be and what date and time it will be held. It’s now time to promote it, which is essential if you don’t want a party for one – one being yourself! A fast and easy way to promote your event and get people interested in attending is to share it on the platform your Streaming it on. Whether that is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitch, sharing it on your chosen platform makes it easier for people to join the event and increases the chance of people just stumbling across it and deciding to join in for the fun of it.

However, don’t ignore the usual digital marketing strategies, such as Email Invites and Social Media, Website and Google Ads. Why not work with influencers and get Social Media stars to promote it by sharing your invite link on their social channels. You could also pay them to watch or join your event in order to increase event attendance. You could also do a few live streams before the actual event to gain people’s interest and give them a snippet of what’s to come. Whichever way you choose to promote your event, make it effective enough to achieve a great turn out.

That’s all the tips and tricks Big Foot Events has for you in order to put on one memorable Virtual Event.

Take a look at Big Foot Events website for party theme ideas and look through the extensive range of fantastic acts for alternative virtual entertainment.