Host a Chocolate Factory Themed Event

The highly anticipated Wonka film hits cinemas today, Friday the 8th of December! Step into a world of pure imagination with a Chocolate Factory Themed Event. We promise to transport your guests into the enchanting world of Willy Wonka with irresistibly appetising entertainment options and immersive venue theming!

Venue Decor and Theming

From the moment they step through the iconic purple factory gates, your guests will feel like they’ve won a Golden Ticket! Our fantastic Venue Dressing will set the stage for a whimsical atmosphere. Envision a vibrant venue in a colour palette inspired by the chocolatier himself! Lavish Draping in shades of purple, gold, and, of course, rich tones of chocolate brown, will elegantly frame your event. We can even emulate a chocolate river!

Chocolate Factory Themed Event
WOnka themed table centrepieces
oversized props
candy props

Our fantastical Oversized Candy Props will bring your Chocolate Factory Themed Event to life. Imagine Giant Lollipops, towering Candy Canes, and colossal Chocolate Bars placed to captivate your guests! Not only does our delectable venue theming immerse your guests in a whimsical experience, but it also presents fabulous photo opportunities at every turn! Elevate your event with our theming, ensuring that every moment is as sweet as a bite of a Wonka Bar!


Let us craft an unforgettable experience with our incredible and unique performers.

The sweet world comes to life with our adorable Gingerbread Characters who will truly add a dash of sweetness to your event. Your guests will be completely captivated by our Candy Cane Stilt Walkers.

Prepare for enchantment with our incomparable Magic Ball Man. His mesmerising performances can be tailor-made in true Wonka-style, providing a unique and personalised touch to your event. To add an extra layer of magic to the air, our skilled Bubbleologists will weave captivating bubbles.

Indulge your guests with an array of sweets and treats! Our Canape Hostesses and Human Canape Tables offer a unique and interactive way to serve delightful confections. Elevate the experience with our delicious Chocolate Fountains accompanied by a tempting selection of treats for dipping. For a touch of nostalgia and delight, include famous treats from the franchise such as everlasting gobstoppers and fizzy lifting drinks, ensuring your event is infused with the iconic magic of Willy Wonka’s world.

Chocolate Factory Themed Event
Human Canape Tables
Canape Hostesses

Every detail of your event is designed to immerse your guests in the fantastical world of Willy Wonka!