Hire Our Snow Machines this Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and each and every year there is one wish on everyone’s Christmas list – SNOW!

Some may say that the likelihood of snow falling at the same time as your Christmas party is slim… but thanks to our portable, state-of-the-art snow machines, we say: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

We’re not snowing around! Sleigh down our list of events that can be made even more magical with our snow machines…

You have the lights, stage performers, and a local switch-on celebrity – all you need now is snow! Christmas Light Switch-ons can have a flurry of snow to add to the merry atmosphere! From a fine snowy mist to a heavy snowfall, light up your event by switching on some snow machines!

Hire Snow Machine for Shopping Centre

High street or shopping centre Christmas promotions can have a magical snowfall special effect. Snowfall over the high street or entrance to a shopping centre adds some extra magic to the Christmas shopping season! We have worked with Council BIDs to arrange their entire town snow! This creates a wonderful atmosphere and encourages footfall! Add a Giant Snow Globe and some themed meet and greet characters to join in a Santa parade for a fantastically festive shopping experience.

Hire Snow Machine for Weddings

Christmas Weddings can become Winter Wonderlands! Whether you choose to create a snow-themed wedding for your wedding day or dream of a gentle fall of indoor snowflakes for your first dance… we can provide atmospheric snow fall without the cold! Our snow creates a stunning realistic impression of a truly White Wedding and photographs beautifully.

How wonderful would it be to be able to organise a Christmas event and guarantee a fall of snow? Christmas parties can now be even more festive with people enjoying a few mulled wines and being merry in the snow! We can arrange for snow to be indoors, or falling outside the window.

All these magical snowy moments can happen with the flick of a switch!

Our near-silent Snow Machines can generate a range of snow effects and scenes! From a light frost to an indoor or outdoor snow shower, we can create any type of snowy weather you wish!

Give our Snow Technicians a call on 01253 351100 to talk all things snow!