Why is picking the right music crucial to the success of an event?

Here’s why.

When applying for a job, a business or personal loan, a visa or simply applying for anything in general, how you sound is an extremely important factor of whether or not that application is successful, right? Well, why should event management be any different? Music can make or break an event. Misread the atmosphere in the room and your event will quickly become a flop. Music can be used to set the mood, tone, and atmosphere of an event, as well as be a form of entertainment, get that wrong and you’ll end up sending guests running! Which is why Big Foot Events have put together three things to consider when deciding on what type of music to play at your event. 

  1. Know Your Guests

Ask yourself this, who is going to be attending? Is it a lively, feel-good group of friends and family, or a hand-picked selection of business professionals? This is an important question to ask yourself before planning any event, why? Well, it’s likely that your family and friends aren’t going to be in the party mood whilst listening to a corporate Harpist or Jazz singer, are they? The same goes for your business associates, you’re hardly going to come across as professional if you’re playing a mash up of dubstep and cheesy 90s hits.

  • Consider the psychology of music

We all know that music can affect your mood, it can make you feel relaxed or pumped up, depending on the type of music you’re listening to. Do you want your guests feeling happy, sad, nostalgic? Do you want music to be a main part of your event, or just a backing track to make people feel comfortable enough to socialise, but not overpower their conversations? Music is what makes people remember certain situations, so choosing the right music for your event will make people remember it in a positive light and not a dull one.

Want to know more about how music can affect your mood? Have a read of this article all about 18 ways music can affect the brain.

  • Make sure your venue has the correct tech

You’ve decided on the genre and type of music you want at your event, so now it’s time to make sure your venue can facilitate your chosen choice of music. The last thing you want is to get hyped up about the DJ you’ve hired to play all of those Noughty 90s hits, just for the venue to turn them down due to not having the space or tech equipment needed. If there’s going to be speeches at your event, then making sure microphones are accessible is wise, otherwise you’ll be shouting at your audience. And of course, if you’re planning on acquiring a DJ then make sure you and your guests have enough space to dance.

In summary, you should think about who your event is for, how you want them to feel before, during and after your event, and what type of music and entertainment will fulfil those questions.