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It's a classic! Everyone loves Pie In The Face, so now we bring you Giant Pie-Face!

You can't beat slapstick humour - so many movies, sit-coms and sketches have involved food-fights and a classic pie in the face! They are guaranteed to cause laughter!

Now we bring slapstick fun to your next event when you hire Giant Pie-Face, the latest must-have simulator that everyone wants to have a go of (or watch!). 

Sit someone on the chair and let them spin the dice; if it lands on 3, they turn the Pie-Face handle three times. Will he get a pie in the face, or will he be spared? Nobody knows! 

Pie-Face randomly selects when to catapult a plate full of cream into the victim's face! One turn of the handle could set it off, or it could take up to seven! Whatever the outcome there are plenty of opportnities to end up with a face full of cream! 

You can also run this event alongside a Quiz Night, or as a Team Building Corporate Event. If the victim gets the question wrong, they get a Pie in the Face then it's on to the next Team Member! Which Team will win!

Or how about getting your own back on your Boss or Company Director? Or fundraising for a Charity Event.

Pie Face looks impressive with a 5 foot back board and Peep board. We also provide the table, Pie Plates, cream, aprons and the magnificent Pie-Face Machine! You also get an Operator who will set it all up for you and help you to run your Pie-Face Event!

Pie Face is available to hire throughout the UK, so whether you're in Manchester, London, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Preston, Liverpool, Sheffield, Hull.... well you get the idea!

Call the Big Foot Team on 01253 351100.


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