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Grab a Grand is highly visual and perfect if you want to attract some real attention to your event!
The object is simple, participants must enter the Grab a Grand unit and aim to, well Grab a Grand! If you really want to turn heads and make sure your guests have an amazing time then the Grab a Grand cube is definitely for you.
Spectators can watch contestants in the Grab a Grand cube from every angle, as they frantically aim to grab the cash. With all four sides of the cube being clear it makes the spectacle of Grab a Grand enjoyable for everyone.

Your Grab a Grand cube Can be filled with anything to suit your event, grab the golden ticket for a prize for a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory theme or special token to win drinks at the bar. Whatever suits you the Grab a Grand cube can be personalized to your event. 

Great for all events, especially Corporate events, Las Vegas parties, James Bond inspired events and Bar and Night Club Promotions.

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