Did you ever wonder what pancake day was all about and why it’s on a different date every year?

You know how much we like to help here at Big Foot Events, so we thought we’d provide you with a bit of thoroughly researched and clever information about the day, and why we have it.

It’s all about the moon

Pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday as it’s also known, always falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday which is when Lent begins.  We’ve talked about Lent on here before; mostly about how much we miss what we’ve given up and how we can’t wait for Easter to arrive so we can fall headfirst into a packet of Oreos (Vicky gave them up last year), or a vat of white wine.  Quite clearly,  that one is the most blatant piece of fiction to ever appear on this page because not one of us is prepared to give up wine for ANYTHING!

Lent is the period of fasting before Easter, and as Easter falls on the Sunday after the first full moon in the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring time, then it can never be on the same date each year! (We don’t make this stuff up you know we research it!)

Why do we make pancakes?

The theory behind making pancakes on this day is that all the ingredients help to remove fatty and indulgent food from the house before Lent begins.  It’s a bit like eating everything super-tasty out of the fridge and cupboards the weekend before you go on a diet on Monday – don’t say you haven’t done that because we know almost everyone has at some time or another.

In the U.S they call Shrove Tuesday Mardi Gras which translates into English as 'Fat Tuesday'. If we were to celebrate the day anywhere, it would be in New Orleans, Louisiana because their tradition is a full on carnival, which is the most appropriate way to celebrate almost anything as far as we’re concerned, and it beats pancakes hands down!

We know a thing or two about Mardi Gras

When it comes to carnival themed events, we know what we’re talking about . We’ve been known to pull out ALL the stops to create some amazing Mardi Gras themes for our clients. 

Colourful props, circus entertainers, stilt walkers, fire eaters, and jugglers are all available to turn any party into the complete carnival experience.

It’s not just about the entertainment though we can help you with every creative detail of a fabulous Mardi Gras themed event.  We have a vast selection of fairground rides, inflatable slides and games and we can even offer a wide range of delicious food carts and stalls for hire; we have one that makes crepes – which when you get right down to it are just French Pancakes!

A couple of helpful Shrove Tuesday recipes:

Easy Pancake Mix

100g plain flour
2 large eggs
300ml milk
1tbspn butter

Mix it all together into a smooth batter.  Get your frying pan smoking hot – think Christine Aguilera in the Dirrty video – pour enough batter to cover the base of the pan and cook for 1 minute.

Toss the pancake over and cook the other side for the same length of time. If it ever comes down from the ceiling that is!
For pancake topping basically use anything you fancy, a firm favourite with the BFE team is lemon and sugar, but equally one of us has a weakness for peanut butter, Nutella and banana on theirs. Get creative almost everything tastes good on top of a pancake.


Easy Mardi Gras Mix

Pick up the phone and call 01253 351100, we’ll have dancing girls with feathers in their hair, fire eating burlesque performers and ragtime and jazz musicians at your venue faster than you can say ‘Fat Tuesday’.