We’re sure we’ve mentioned before that our T Rex dinosaur for hire is a bit of a flirt. He loves attention, he likes the ladies, and he’ll do almost anything to get a smile and a squeal out of those in his company. 

A few months ago he was working at the Albert Hall mixing with celebrities and stars at the world premiere screening of Jurassic Park with a live orchestra, and we believe we mentioned he’d made sure he was in tip top condition for it?  Well we have no idea what went on in London when our backs were turned, but we got a package the other day, delivered on Mr Rex’s doorstep, and we’re a bit shocked, to say the least!

It seems we have acquired four new members of our family because not only do we have our 8ft tall T-Rex to contend with now it would seem he’s had babies!  Well not him obviously because he’s a boy, but he’s been involved in the process one way or another.  We’ve tried to ask him what went on after the gig and where they came from but he’s keeping mum about the mum and says a gentleman never tells!

One thing we do know though is the stork that brought the dinosaur babies to our door must be the size of a helicopter because the eggs were huge when they arrived.  It took a little while, and we were all very impatient for it to happen, but when the dinosaur babies hatched, they were the cutest things we’ve ever seen.  There’s a bit of confusion though, one of the babies looks like a smaller version of his dad, one is a baby Triceratops, and then to top it off we ended up with twin Minmi dino babies. 

The four of them together are a right handful and even though they are such little creatures they eat a lot of vegetation. We’ve got no plants left in the office, the garden at Rex’s place is decimated, and our next door neighbour’s plant pots have seen better days (we’re in enough trouble with our neighbour already).  We now have come to an agreement with the local greengrocer, and they’re supplying us with all the food the tiny dinosaurs need to eat, but it’s costing us a fortune.

Now we don’t want to seem mercenary or anything but we figured out the only way to be able to afford to keep our new additions in all the greens they need is to hire our dinosaur babies out; so we are doing. The dinosaur babies are all good travellers and seem to like the works van; baby Rex even likes to sit up front with his handler. 

The baby dinosaurs can be hired alongside their daddy, the proud parent, or they are happy to perform on their own; they have all inherited Mr T Rex’s love of attention and are getting plenty of it.  Tickle them under the chin, and they make the sweetest noises that would melt even the hardest of hearts, they blink their eyes, and will nibble gently at your fingers.

They were performing at the Winchester Science Museum last week, and everyone was captivated by them; our Triceratops baby in particular, seems to capture children’s imagination. We can see they are going to be popular to hire with schools for dinosaur lessons and projects, they will be a novel way to pull in the crowds for promotions and exhibitions, and if they take after their dad, they will be a crowd pleasing addition to any event.

We even have one of their shells; we’ve decided to recycle it and bring it with us when the babies appear in public.  It stands just under 5 foot tall and is an excellent selfie opportunity. How many people can say they’ve had their photo taken while they were standing in a dinosaur egg shell?

To make enquiries about hiring either Mr Rex or his growing family, the baby dinosaurs, then please call us on 01253 351100.